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A journey of a Migrant

I lived in Gabon as a child for 17 years (including 1 year in Benin), studied in France for 10 years, and worked in Canada for 12 years. Now, King, I aspire to a gradual conversion to the business world…

3 Poles of business


Informal entrepreneuship


Ethnic entrepreneurship


International partnership


Arnaud Segla is a Consultant focusing in ethnic entrepreneurship since 2009.

He has developed programs and custom services specifically intended for newcomers and residents of various cultures wishing to engage in business quickly, the right way, and most importantly, keep going.

Arnaud offers very practical training to enable participants to realize their projects within a short time frame. He is also a professional coach and mentors current and future ethnic entrepreneurs.

Arnaud has been an agent of entrepreneurship development and project coordinator with Côte-des-Neiges Black Community Association, for the Ujamaa Initiative for Black Entrepreneurship. Ujamaa in Swahili, one of the popular languages of East Africa, means GATHERING. Culturally sorted, Arnaud was born and raised in Africa, lived for 10 years in France where he undertook studies and worked, and has now been established in Quebec since 2006.

Certified in 2013 in using the GrowthWheel* tool he was able to deepen his analysis and decision making approach to grow any economic structure.

Arnaud Segla is the author of numerous books including the first practical guide on ethnic entrepreneurship, Business in the box, which offers an alternative method to the business plan by using simple but effective strategic thinking on your project.

His second guide, Successful Citizens through Entrepreneurship, describes the typical course of newcomers considering entrepreneurship as a profession upon arrival in the province of Quebec.

Arnaud also wrote articles about awareness and empowerment for better economic development in black communities. This earned him selection as finalist for the Gala Vision et inspiration of Réseau des Entrepreneurs et des Professionnels Africains  African Business Network (Repaf) de Montréal.

Arnaud has taken a coaching training course with Global 21 Consultancy Training in Montreal with his professional coach Joseph Aoun to refine his approach and develop effective tools.

Arnaud holds a Master’s degree in applied science (MSc) and a Master’s degree in management science (MSc Administration).



Kathia St-Victor

Arnaud is a good communicator with proven inter personal skills. He is determined, passionate about life, things and people, enthusiastic. He has developed good planning & organisational skills and he is confident. His approach to work is active and dynamic and for sure, getting things done is a top priority for him. I was very amaze by him because he has inspired me with his courage and determination. It has long been said that travel “broadens the mind”! Arnaud has traveled a lot so he has an open minded and he is able to adapt to different cultures, situations and environments. I know you will have a great experience working and collaborating with him.

Kathia St-Victor

Fondatrice Kluva Chic Traiteur/Présidente Salon des Jeunes Entrepreneurs International Mentor Réseau M/ Event Planner
December 28, 2018,


Teddy Ngou Milama

It’s rare to find someone with as much hard work and meticulousness as Arnaud Segla. For almost 4 years, I have had the pleasure of collaborating with him on his project Arnaud’s work is considerable, between the guides and books he has published, he has had the time to share his expertise and his passion for entrepreneurship with international organizations in Quebec and Africa. Arnaud succeeds in aligning his vision, his humanistic values and his work in everyday life. His authenticity makes him a valuable consultant.

Teddy Ngou Milama

Helping organizations acquire customers online | Growth marketer | B to B and B to C October 17, 2017,

Life PathWay

1978. Incarnation.

Birth at the maternity of the lagoon in Cotonou.

(1982. Christianization.)

Catholic baptism at the Mingara Church of Franceville and beginning of primary studies at the École Conventionnée de Franceville.

(1993. Communion.)

First communion at the St Andrew Church in Libreville and departure for Benin for 1 year of secondary study.

(1995. Confirmation)

Confirmation at the St Louis Marie Grignion de Monfort Church in Libreville and end of the facility and performance in studies.

2000. Consecration.

First spiritual quest at the ceremony of “Presentation of Jesus in the Temple” at the Benedictine Abbey of Belloc.

2003. Specialization.

Proceeding from studies in aeronautical engineering to studies in management (administration and projects) to be a business engineer.

2006. Immigration.

Departure from France for Canada for professional career.

2009. Illumination.

Beginning a career in Project Management and Business Engineering Consultation with The Wisemen Council.

(2011. Profession.)

Profession of faith in Islam at the Soufi Naqshbandi Center in Montreal and beginning of Author career with the publication of my first printed book.

2012. Initiation.

Initiation to the Way of gods, to the career of the advisor for entrepreneurs and the composition of my literary and management work: Book of the Method Ka (66+ books).

2015. Proposition.

Agape therapy at the Cacouna Upper Room and beginning of the career in International Development in Africa and publication and promotion of the first guide in ethnic entrepreneurship.

(2016. Activation.)

Fa Activation ceremonies at Chandelier de la Paix Center and launch of the Academy in management of projects of ethnic entrepreneurship, The Lean Intention Academy, within the body of knowledge in Community Economy.

2018. Onction and Foundation.

Allegiance to the Naqshbandi Sufi Way (Rûmi and Sultan Shaykh Nazim Al Haqqani) and conclusion of the main collection in management (strategy) and litterature (anthology).

(2019. Purification and Sacralization.)

Dedicace to two tutelar Eco animist realities (formerly initiation to animist divinities) and conclusion of the career in International Development.

2021. Convolution, Vocation and Revolution.

Alliance to the Tidjani Sufi Way, settling of the International Career, launch of the Odyssea of the Black Kingdom.

Consultant Manager Profile

Arnaud SEGLA, M. Sc., M. Sc. Adm., CAPM

Bilingual English / French; elementary Spanish and German


Manager of a consulting firm and Think Tank since 2009, I’m building an expertise in ethnic entrepreneurial projects for communities’ economic empowerment through different project management and business engineering experiences aiming to the definition of alternative informal solutions within economic and sustainable development in Canada and Africa.

Summary of skills

  • Specialist in business project management and business engineering
  • Involved in social, ethnic, informal and numeric entrepreneurship
  • Expertise in local, ethnic and informal workforce evolving towards business
  • Analyze and accompaniment of projects within result-oriented management
  • Establish and monitor action plan under critical economic environment
  • Develop project monitoring and performance reports and, presentations, and assessments
  • Plan, draft contracts and service offers
  • Correct and Enrich existing Business or Project Plan version
  • Organization implementation and operationalization
  • Perform group training and conferences
  • Sense of responsibility, interpersonal skills, adaptability, strength of action

Work experience

 International Consultant in Project Strategy 2009-2020

The Wisemen Council (Montreal, QC) /

  • Specialist for Enterprise in critical financial situation
  • Develop a service offer with trainings, coaching and technical support
  • Use an informal and exclusive business project startup method
  • Entrepreneurs accompaniment and technical support
  • Prospecting target clients with online and traditional media

Realization: Supporting entrepreneurs’ project. Organizing Idea sharing meetings. Management of research projects in Economics and management. Launching of the brand “Business in the box” with the website

Business Development Advisor 2020

Farm Radio International – (Dakar, SN) /

  • Perform a preliminary diagnostic and a study of the stakeholder of the market
  • Provide a Marketing strategy proposal for the Social franchise project
  • Accompany in the definition of the model and process for franchising

Realization: Performed remote training session about social franchising business model.

Technical Advisor for Women and Youth Economic Empowerment 2017-2018

Oxfam-Québec – (Cotonou, BJ) /

  • Coordinate the implementation and evaluation of the strategy
  • Support the local partner in identifying and planning innovations
  • Perform monitoring and act as focus point in potential projects implementation
  • Coordinate reporting – at a program level – of achievements and results
  • Facilitate the participation of local partners and allies to expert network

Realization : Contributing in monitoring UNCDF “Bank the Youth” project. Support in the drafting of an incubator project for Benin Youth Advisory Organ. Perform Reporting and act as focus point in potential projects implementation.

Advisor for Women and Youth Economic Entrepreneurship 2016-2017

Centre for International Studies and Cooperation, CECI – Uniterra 3 (Dakar, SN)/

  • Capacity building for the NGO ALPHADEV in matter of entrepreneurship at Malika (SN)
  • Introduce an entrepreneurship learning cursus for the apprenticeship certification level
  • Train the teaching staff to give the course, do the coaching and write the business plans
  • Assist in the implementation of a cooperative for the groups of women federation
  • Draft different reports and diagnostics

Realization: total mentoring of 17 young apprentices out of 23, writing of 8 informal business plan (including 2 for EIG), made a proposal for election mode for the federation. Fundraising to by a machinery.

Interim Office Administrator 2015-2015

Côte des Neiges Black Community Association, CDNBCA (Montreal, QC)/

  • Coordinate activities and work of the office
  • Ensure communication between the different department of the association
  • Develop detailed reports for the City Hall and other funders
  • Prepare and report the minute of the staff meeting and support the staff

Realization: Established many reports for our main funder. Organized a thanking event for the staff and partners at the end of the year.

Project Coordinator 2014-2015

Ujamaa Initiative for Black Entrepreneurship project, UIBE (Montreal, QC)/

  • Coordinate activities and information to support entrepreneurs
  • Ensure a proactive leadership in solving problems (individual support)
  • Facilitate the networking between the business promoter and financing institutions
  • Develop detailed plans of action for various projects
  • Prepare and present reports to various levels of visibility of the organization
  • Manage the budget and project deliverables, as awarded

Realization: Manage the organization of two main promotional events: an annual conference and expo; a business plan based competition. Writing of performance reports. Made an application to a new program

Entrepreneurship Development Agent 2012-2013

Ujamaa Initiative for Black Entrepreneurship project, UIBE (Montreal, QC)/

  • Sensitize and accompany the entrepreneurs
  • Ensure a proactive leadership in solving problems (individual support)
  • Prepare and present reports to various levels of visibility of the organization

Realization: Reached the annual goal in matter of accompaniment and management of an annual conference and expo; a business plan based contest. Writing of performance reports.

Business project consultant 2012-2014

Temari Consulting, (Montréal, QC) /

  • Act as resource member in project management
  • Carry out preliminary studies and projects research
  • Build the objectives of project performance in meeting
  • Maintaining contact with clients and identify needs
  • Investigate the feasibility of projects and prepare feasibility reports

Realization: Advisor and Project Manager de for GSC – Consulting Services projet. Review, writing and translation of website. Research for feasibility reports.

Project Controller Officer (PCO) in automotive 2009

TM4 Electrodynamics Systems (Boucherville, QC) /

  • Coordinate engineering meetings, prepare and distribute reports
  • Analyze and monitor the performance of continuous improvement and cost reduction projects in engineering

Realization: Update of the scoreboard for cost management. Starting the macro programming for the projects monitoring file. Assist in writing the report for ISO certification.

Junior Information Officer in Public Service  2008-2008

Ministry of Northern Development and Mines (Thunder Bay, ON) /

  • Perform searches, reviews, analysis on issues of income distribution and development of mines in North of Ontario
  • Provide strategic intelligence in various physical media online

Junior Project Manager in aircraft maintenance 2004-2006

SNECMA & SNECMA Services (Villaroche and Montereau, France) /

  • Providing solutions for process optimization and productivity gain in the organization of a production line
  • Follow up the key performance indicators of project and responsible of the integration of deliverables in the management system

Junior Technical Officer in aircraft maintenance 1998-2001

Air Littoral, Air Gabon, Aircraft Maintenance Institute, Air Logistic Operational Techniques.

  • Ensure the recording of flight hours and cycles of the fleet.
  • Update the maintenance policies from manufacturer and regulator documentation.


2021 Vocational Diploma in Sale

Commission scolaire Marguerite-Bourgeoys – SAJE Montréal Centre, Montréal, Canada.

2018    Attestation of Collegial Studies in Community Development and Intercultural relations

Cégep Marie-Victorin, Montreal, Canada.

2015    7 month Business Coaching/Training 

Global 21 Consulting & Training Firm, Montreal, Canada.

2011    Attestation of Vocational Specialization in Starting a Business

Commission scolaire Marguerite-Bourgeoys – SAJE, Montreal, Canada.

2009    Certificate in Project Management

École des Hautes Études Commerciales (HEC), Montreal, Canada.

2005    Diploma in Management and International Business 

European Institute of Business (IEA), Paris, France.

2004    Master of Administrative Sciences

Institute of Business Administration (IAE), Bordeaux, France.

2003    Master of pure and applied sciences

Institute of Aeronautical Maintenance (IMA), Bordeaux, France.

1998    College diploma in electronics

University Institute of Technology (IUT), Montpellier, France.

1996    C Serie Baccaleaureate

Lycée National Léon M’ba, Libreville, Gabon.


2020 Climate change: From learning to action

United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR); UN CC:Learn

2018     E-Licence in Community Economy

The Wisemen Council

2018    Gender and Power


2017   Gender justice : An Introduction


2013    Certified GrowthWheel Business Advisor

GrowthWheel International

2006    Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)

Project Management Institute (PMI License, 1216578)

Online Courses

2021 FREEMOTE by Ambroise Debret

How to became Nomade Freelance

2019    BDC

Financial fundamentals I

2019    Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of United States e-Learning

Introduction to Trade, Food Security and Nutrition Climate Change and Food Security, Developing a Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Plan for Food Security and Agriculture Programmes

2018    The Inter-Agency Standing Committee

Different Needs – Equal Opportunities: Increasing Effectiveness Of Humanitarian Action For Women, Girls, Boys And Men

2018    LinkedIn

Finance Foundations; Communication Foundations; Leading with Emotional Intelligence; Nonprofit Management Foundations; Agile Project Management Principles; Building an Online Community; Business Analysis Foundations; Business Development Foundations; Strategic Planning Foundations; Developing Your Emotional Intelligence

2017    Red-Cross International

Stay Safe


Montreal Black Community Entrepreneurship 2006-2011

Economic Empowerment

Supporting member and volunteer for specific projects at African Business and Professional Network (REPAF), Chantier d’Afrique au Canada (Chafric) and Jeune chambre de Commerce Haïtienne (JCCH)

L’Hirondelle, accueil et intégration des immigrants 2006

Social Action

Acting as workforce within a food bank for new immigrants in Montreal

Aviation Without Borders 1999-2006

Humanitarian Aviation

Supporting Member for humanitarian activities

Communities and Organizations

Project Management Institute

Project Management

Project Management Certified Consultant Membership


Project Management

Fellowship in development project management

Interests, Computer Science and Methodologies

Self-published Author in Community Economy

Writing, coordination of publication projects and sale of books related to ethnic identity and economic development.

Software knowledge:

Office Suite, MS Project, Visio, Publisher, SharePoint, XMind, CRM Zoho, Canva, Trello, promotion under Facebook HTML, CSS, create and manage websites under CMS WordPress


Results-based management, predictive (Waterfalls) and adaptive methods (Agile) in project management, Lean Startup, Lean, Business Model Canva

Author Profile

Arnaud SEGLA

Artist Writer and Blogger

Literature (Tales, poetry, short stories, novels, quotes, mini essays, reports)

Management (guides, precise, methodology, strategy, tools)



Your Body, your home

Your body is your home

When they call you monkey and tell you to go back to your trees

You feel like humankind didn’t belong to their countries

He said, an eye for an eye will make the whole world blind

But before this, they must get enough fear to stop crossing the line

As tears comes to your eyes because they are too many to hit

I welcome your stir and remember to be high above the hate

There is no place to feel entirely son of this earth

Through this life, you’ll be living inside it until your death

So your Body remains your present until you let them cry over it

So respect the sole gift you cannot buy from ones like a meat

From now, no more need to get trouble in the name of wealth

Deeds as you did to Become and stop wasting your life

Awareness is your Way of the Cross for your Freedom

At this moment start living in its senses so you’ll both rest in Innocence

Your body is your own

Extract from « Le Cri de la Calebasse, Arôme antique »


Journey and Project history

2019                                     Launch of the promotion of the largest individual book work on identity and ethnic entrepreneurship using the Share Wiser technique.

2017                                     Provision of the Body of Knowledge in Community Economics on Amazon.

2015 to date                        Writing and publishing a series of books in informal management including the first guide on ethnic entrepreneurship.

2015                                     Creation of the project platform of the body of knowledge in Community Economy

2014                                     Creation of the initiative, the site and the Community Ethnic Entrepreneurs Ethnic on

2012 to date                        Composition (revelation and inspiration), publication and dissemination of the Ka Method Book as an Alternative Informal Economic Model.

2011                                     Writing, printing and first publication of a collection of short stories entitled “Le Point, four seasons to rebuild” published by Grenier.

2010                                     Participation in Kizomba Canada activities and writing of virtual community management posts.

2003 to date                        Drafting and publication of the literary project of the Anthology for the Renewal of Ethnic Attitude commonly called “Anthology of the Endeavour and Soul-wondering”.

2009                                      Creation of the Consulting Firm, Think Tank and of Book Entrepreneurship Business, The Wisemen Council.

2008                                      Participation in the Ontario Quebec Exchange Program (OQEP) newsletter in 2008. “Most Inspirational Newsletter Contributor” Award

2007                                      Creation of the site in replacement of Online storytelling, poetry, quotes, mini essays and reportage.

2006                                      Animation of a first entertainment website around the written expression

2005                                      Project coordination for the association Paris Salsa Event. Participation in the realization of the show “Cast’in Salsa” at Bataclan in Paris (France).

2003                                      Beginning of literary career. Publication of a tale and poems in the newsletter of Charles Perrens Hospital in Bordeaux (France).


Commitment and volunteering

2006-2016                            Member of the Network of Entrepreneurs and African Professionals (REPAF)

2009                                      Member of the Haitian Junior Chamber of Commerce (JCCH)

2011                                      Member of l’Union des Écrivain et Écrivaine du Québec (UNEQ)

2011                                      Member of the African Literary Circle of Montreal (CLAM)

2011                                      Member of Diversité Artistique de Montréal (DAM)

2008                                      Member of the HEC Montréal Network

2009-2012                            Volunteer for Nouvelle Soirée Emergence (NSE) Live Music and Acoustica

2009                                      Volunteer for Chantier d’Afrique (CHAFRIC)

2006-2008                            Volunteer for REPAF

2006-2007                            Member of REVIVRE

2006                                      Volunteer for L’Hirondelle


As One

My eyes are closing

I still can see my People suffering

As they deny our legitimacy as human presence

We, sons of God. We’re fighting for Conscience.

Some of us come over and shine

They pave the way and cross the line

Like small stones on the mile to keep the hope alive

Showing us what we can accomplish when we strive

Then comes the Call…Through Truth and Love, Wisdom and Faith

Inviting the People to walk and struggle together

The road back to our living style, Culture and feeling stronger

Working the World to dominate in our own Kingdom

For the pride more than the simple act of freedom

Rising our fist as the real flag of unity of the whole community

We settle a new era of peace in our Soul and Mind for dignity

Where our uniform will be a sign of respect and honour

My eyes are closing for the last time, on my inner mirror

But I know that my People will rise again…

As One

Extract from « Le Cri de la Calebasse, Oasis à l’orient »


I have committed with The Wisemen Council to publishing digital books in three editorial lines namely “Economic Development”, “Ethnic Identity” and “Sustainable Development”. Our goal is to accompany the effort of reclaiming of the economic future and the renewal of the Black civilization in a logic of valorization and sharing with the other cultures of its philosophy and its informal Attitude. Our collection is part of the empirical research project of its Think Tank, the Ka Method, as well as its consulting activities in Project Strategy.

Published so far:

Economic Development Series

Analysis Category

Un aperçu des défis au sein de la communauté des entrepreneurs ethniques, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, 2015,

An overview of the challenges within the ethnic entrepreneur community, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, 2015,

L’entrepreneur informel entre efforts et peu de richesse, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, 2016,

The informal entrepreneur between efforts and little wealth, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, 2016,

Guides Category

Une entreprise ethnique en 40 heures, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, 2014,

Business in the box, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, 2014,

L’art de s’intégrer par l’entrepreneuriat, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, 2014,

Successful Citizens through entrepreneurship, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, 2014,

Stratégie de projets ethniques, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, 2016,

Ethnic Project strategy, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, 2016,

Réussir par la voie Informelle, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, 2016,

Succeeding through the informal way, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, 2016,

Manuals Category

Attitude, Correction, Simplicité et Modération, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, 2017,

Introspection, Intuition, Réalisme et Indépendance, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, 2017,

Precise Category

Comment fonder mon entreprise Informelle, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, 2016,

How to settle my informal enterprise, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, 2016,

Comment présenter mon projet informel à des personnes a ressources, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, 2016,

How to present my informal project to people of resources, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, 2016,

Comment créer mon entreprise ethnique, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, 2016,

How do I create my ethnic business, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, 2016,

Comment lancer mon entreprise ethnique, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, 2016,

How to launch my ethnic business, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, 2016,

Comment faire durer mon entreprise ethnique, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, 2016,

How to make my ethnic business last, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, 2016,

Tools category

Gabarit pour rédiger un plan d’affaires informel, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, 2018,

Template to write an informal business plan, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, 2018,

Gabarit pour rédiger un plan de stratégie Marketing informel, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, 2018,

Template to write an informal strategic Marketing plan, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, 2018,

Ethnic Identity Series:

Quotes category

Les Anges dans l’esprit, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, 2014,

Short Stories category

Le Point, quatre saisons pour reconstruire (première édition), Arnaud Segla, Les Éditions Grenier, 2011,

Le Point, quatre saisons pour reconstruire (édition révisée), Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, 2013,

Au nom de l’a-guère, le jour du réveil, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, 2015,

Meditations category

Le Calme retrouvé de l’Arbre, Tome I, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, 2018,

Le Calme retrouvé de l’Arbre, Tome II, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, 2018,

Le Calme retrouvé de l’Arbre, Tome III, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, 2018,

Le Rat psalmiste, de là part, de mon cœur, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, 2018,

Prose category 

Le Cri de la Calebasse, Arôme antique, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, 2018,

Le Cri de la Calebasse, Perles d’exil, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, 2018,

Le Cri de la Calebasse, Oasis à l’orient, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, 2018,

Le Cri de la Calebasse, Noir Mystère, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, 2018,

Novel category

The Black Kingdom, la voie des dieux, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, 2013,

Arc en ciel, Gougoune j’aurais ta peau !, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, 2018,

Testimony category

Vérité et Amour, Vie, Conscience et Feu, ASSOUKA, The Wisemen Council, 2018

La Révolution Silencieuse, Amaru, The Wisemen Council, 2019

Sustainable Development Series :

Ka Method category

Introduction à la Méthode Ka, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, 2013,

Introduction to the Ka Method, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, 2013,

Charte de projet de la Méthode Ka, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, 2012,

Concepts Ka, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, 2018,

Ka Concepts, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, 2018,

Ka Concepts Ka, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, 2018,

Fondements de la Méthode Ka, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, 2018,

Fondements d’Éco Animisme, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, 2018,

Fondements de la Technique Share Wiser, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, 2018,

Fondements de la Philosophie du Lean Intention, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, 2018,

These books are available to date in ePub format on Amazon Kindle, Rakuten Kobo, Google Play Books and in paper version on Amazon (for some of them).

Years of experience

Books published



“Ethnic entrepreneurship concerns business projects developed by new immigrants. It also concerns resident entrepreneurs who enrich the local offer of products and services with those from their culture.”

Arnaud Segla – Consultant Manager and Author

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