Evolution in Judgement sentencing;

Peine Capitale

Beware of Puritan (Mother Fucker) Evangelist now in the Realm of Holy Spirit, listening but not participating. Voyeurisme, espionage, information stealing: to flush out for Esprit libre! Rat Pig!

The Fear of Death lead to lack of Honesty Transparence and Trustfulness, may be Human but not licit (Popular Magistrate Corruption) in face of Justice envers Victims.

Acceptation dans la Volonté du Divin for All Humanoïdes especially Divinites and Beyond…

The Value of Life in Omar Tariqa of AL Amine.

Some Humanoïdes are sensitive to death and torture but can Repair in a fair way POM of Victim.


Mukuyi: Young Mothers within Council of Elders for Popular Justice. 9 Gods within the Divine (A Civilisation of Gods in Ennead y Ennunaki within Gods for Extermination O) Time cycling et seasoning or intermittent.

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