It is not easy to exit marked paths of the economy and to bring to it a complementary spiritual reality in accordance with certain peoples living through faith and the informal. The circle of entrepreneurs are a lot more inclined to secularism that veils the differences. We believe that the positions taken towards a real spiritual tolerance on the grounds of business exercise are a distraction as they exit the comfort of established norms but we must however recognize that there is a well-founded aspect and need of this new attitude. What is appreciative is that this offers a unique alternative to the continent and its diaspora. A hope to see it one day affirm itself in the face of the power of large economic leading nation and their institutional dictates. Faith and the informal are the major human assets of the continent but we must discipline them to make good usage of them, to gain profit from their potential. It is precisely there, to affirm with intrinsic characteristics, on the global market.

We have been created with a natural propensity to faith. It inhabits us and we live it. It must have nobody but God as its unique recipient. But in what do we invest ourselves through this gift? For which cult, which idols to we make use of? This type of argument remains a thorn for economic sciences and management.

We must transcend our habits and rituals, and our cults and traditional rites, and put them in the service of the economy. We pass the light of our time to pray for prosperity in our lives and divine protection. We forget too often to associate them with frank and persevering efforts to obtain what we want. The prayer of our era is the daily effort to dominate in our sectors of activity. God needs faithful and performant servants to relay the action of its omnipotent hand in submitted intermediaries. The miracle cannot be a viable mode of construction for a civilization of Black blood and skin. That of the economically oppressed that want to once again be the master of their destiny in harmony with natural laws, cosmic and divine will.

The use of animist science is too often led to idolatry, towards false entities that give an ephemeral goodness and conditions always assorted of an insatiable and unstable counterpart. Those that dedicate this cult must go farther than the crazy simple magic practices for the community. Animist belief is rich and profound. It must permit us to rise again and work for our growth. The only cult that is worth the pain is the one addressed to God, unique in a sincere submission. Animist belief and traditional practices must be transmuted towards a profane referential to help the masses and to leave the esoteric context to only the voluntary insiders. We have a mine of natural growth in us and throughout our culture. It has been often condemned as it has been misunderstood. It is time to give it a last chance to prove to the world its capacity to generate riches in a profane way and without evil spells and obscure practices.

The basic principle is simple: in an analogy between economy and animism, the prayer of the believing economic actor, represented by its efforts, accompanies the ritual sacrifice of its offering, that is the completed project, to obtain from the secondary gods or the genie, what constitutes the client that we link through a contract, liberation in exchange for the useful vital force of the believing economic actor, symbolized by monetary value (money), and to therefore maintain cosmic equilibrium, which represent liberalized exchanges. It is important to make efforts in the community as a prayer of an economic rite.

It is therefore through profane use of our occult sciences for our economic growth. This permits us to have not only a knowledge of our proper theories through the advantage of conceptual proximity, but to also have the opportunity to be able to release the continent and the diaspora of its slump through our own efforts and prayers.

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