Management et (Santé des Affaires) ou Ménagement

Management et (Santé des Affaires) ou Ménagement

1. Management et (Santé des Affaires) ou Ménagement : Technical writing (Symbol and Typography) Métier – Tutorat en français (Logos ou Andragogie) Art – Travail social (Coupe-feu) Conversation – Firme de Consultation et Think Tank (Process, Politique & Procedure) Conservation

No Colporteur. No Trespassing. Coran III, 30. Coran IX, 42, Coran XLIII, 38, Coran XXXIV, 19.

2. Energy Kingship Conservation through “The Same” Divinity Quality of “Bienveillance”. Fire Breaker Divine Kindness as Fruit of Holy Spirit. Be driven by helping People gives Pride as Pleasuring Oneself better than Admiration of and from Others. This being set up in Childhood before Rebel Divan made lose this Way (Patrimony) within Returning Conversation (Prayer) to The Divine Consciousness.

Intraimportance. Innovation. Coran II, 46, 76, 223, 249, Coran III, 143, Coran VI, 31, 130, Coran VII, 51, 147.

3. (Responsabilités) Charge du Livre de la Méthode Ka (Organisation Stratégique)

Chantons le Seigneur car Il a fait éclaté sa Gloire. Il a jeté à l’eau Chevaux et Cavaliers (voire Chevaliers). Pour Nage (Effort) sans les terrasser. Marcher à gué, sans laisser de traces, n’est pas nager ni être recouvert d’eau.

4. We are all within a Body (and not a System) of Universes with our Charge to run according to our Gifts and Talent to keep the Balance between Realms.

Les coalisès (Al-‘Aĥzāb):72 – Nous avions proposé aux cieux, à la terre et aux montagnes la responsabilité (de porter les charges de faire le bien et d’éviter le mal). Ils ont refusé de la porter et en ont eu peur, alors que l’homme s’en est chargé; car il est très injuste [envers lui-même] et très ignorant.

5. Work To Free Doomed Souls’ Deposit (Faith in) from Low Astral Jails (Sufferings, Robotised) within Weak (ethnoculturally stressed) and or Sick (socioeconomically distressed) Vital Force towards reappropriation of Feeling (Consciousness, Truth, Time, Spirituality) of Confidence and Calm Energy (Love, Life, Materiality).

Dans la Vie, Il y a un bon moment pour tout. On ne force pas. On met en le Divin toute notre Confiance. On se rend malade à avoir peur du Futur (« Est-ce que je vais réussir? »), en étant en Colère contre le Présent (« Ça ne va pas assez vite! »), lorsque l’on fait que Douter de son Plaisir passé (« Je ne me rappelle plus la dernière fois où j’ai été heureux. »). Prenons le Temps de recevoir ce que Dieu nous destine en tant que Ses Amis Wally AL Amine. Jamm Rek.

6. People who believe in things that are not in their Souls’ Deposit. That gives them UnReal Attitude and Results. Beware :

La nuit (Al-Layl):4 – Vos efforts sont divergents.
Le rang (Aş-Şaf):2 – ô vous qui avez cru ! Pourquoi dites-vous ce que vous ne faites pas ?

7. Toutes et Tous, Déesses et dieux connectés par (Souffles dans l’Esprit) Sagesse Fa (Animus) et ou (Anima) Legba Messager (Intelligence de Transprésences psychiques) pour (Appeased Ba) MA’AT (Ka Alleviated) d’Acceptation (Blooming Amina) :

Being “The Same” Divinity of “Bienveillance” (as Drive of Rule) doesn’t mean being “Le Bienveillant”.

Allah Est Al-Barr – Le Bienveillant
Allah dit :
« Nous L’invoquions depuis toujours. C’est Lui certes, le Bienveillant, le Très Miséricordieux. » (Coran 52 : 28)
Ce nom « Al-Barr » (Le Bienveillant) est étroitement lié au mot arabe « piété », birr (avec un i). Il fait référence à toutes les formes de charité, de générosité et de gentillesse que nous pouvons avoir.

(Source :

8. So far this Kindness (Bienveillance; Être Bon) was about weakness (Être con; Insensé). Now that the “Tension” (Stress de Vie par État d’Alerte ou Hal and Makham ou Station de Prison dans Esprit en Détresse) is removed by the “Finger in the Bottom” (xxxxx) it can be fully lived without any Complex (Blocage psychique dit Noeud et leur modulation) . Reminding MJK and OBO.

Bienvenue aux Simples, Solitaires, Faibles, Prisonniers (Erreurs) de la Vie et du Temps.
Mi lè koh (Nous sommes revenus) tchè vi (siéger) nou mè ho lè (à propos des problèmes des gens).

9. Magistrature Populaire de la Réparation dans l’Esprit de Correction (KaMA)
Combattre le Bon Combat. Fairy Tale. Do Codjo.

Justicier. Juge. Justiciable

Racine, Tronc, Branche, Feuilles, Fruit, Air, Soleil, Pluie, Terreau

Of demystification of masonic lodges (close to)

Of demystification of masonic lodges (close to)

The fundamental unity that governs the Worlds since their convolution to Earth, cf. Myth of the Fall from Eden, is based on the Tradition of Masonic Lodges, which are places of education of GOD as All Divinity, Omnireality, Community of Extraterrestrial Humanoid Slaves and Servants (Angels, Archangels, Buddha-Spirits, Lord-Gods, God-Men, Jinn, Devils, etc.) subject “Yahweh” to the Divine. And not from the Rebel Authority of the Divan. Indeed, the change of Logos, the Word, which is taking place at the present Hour and End of the World, sees this lodge model (in the names of Father, Son and Mother, called the Holy Spirit via the Institution of Marriage) dissolve to make way for a new Socle, “The Sole” in English (e.g. Life Partnership via Civil Union Contract) on which will rest the deposit of Divine Trust after that of Divine Knowledge in the Soul, “The Soul” in English. There will no longer be any question of pure spirituality (esotericism) or perverse materialism (capitalism) as a duty for the tenants of Earth who have come to “taste death” on a pilgrimage through their existence made up of several manifestations of life. My initial aim was to provide a cold analysis of the agony of this neo-liberal capitalist system, whose various crises (military, financial, totalitarian, communitarian, legacy, referendum, etc.) are orchestrated to mask the recession, the symbolic Apocalyptic Black Beast, which marks the inescapable decline of this economy. Just like Communism in the last century. In this art of words, says Slamme, used here and which plays tricks when the Hal (State) leads into the Makam (Station) where Revelation and Science combine intensely. A Way of Ascension and its Star are private property. No trespassing. At the risk of being harassed from all sides by such available bolides.

Qur’an XXVIII The Narrative (Al-Qaşaş):38 – And Pharaoh said, “O nobles, I know no deity for you other than myself. Haman, light me on fire on the clay and then build me a tower perhaps then I will ascend to the God of Moses. I rather think he’s a liar”.

With hindsight, it’s clear that Capitalism is leaving us, emptying its stockpile of weapons, leaving us with a maximum number of poor, legalized vices, with a paradox of many sanitized if not iconographic figures of puritans as great leaders. The million-dollar question is: what kind of economy is replacing Capitalism? Are we finally moving towards an economy that includes realities from other dimensions of the Universe? Can we speak of Autonomism (despite the Quebecois monopolization of the term in place of Souveraineté, like the term ECO. Conscience, Sè, is in the zeitgeist) including, in spite of itself, Fintech, Cryptocurrency, which quietly plummeted the stock markets after their unchecked and emboldened introduction, the Web economy, the Social economy, and even the Stellar economy (our Soul Autonomism for humans who have already evolved into humanoids and mastered their new psychic faculties of contact with other Universes), which are aggregates of scattered innovations that will either be integrated or disappear, depending on their already effective spectrum of influence in economic currents. The many borrowings from so-called Artificial Intelligence technology (Alien because of its inspiration and fundamental source other than Computer Engineering, even if the two are cousins from a technological point of view, but without pursuing common goals: Domination by World Order of the Divine vs. Simplification for Order in the Divine), raise fears of an over-indebtedness to this exogenous Force (following the example of the Internet) and another financial bubble that will be maintained at arm’s length and with measures by valiant strategists coming to correct a risky orientation of politicians in a hurry to save the institutions of so-called republican states that assure them the perpetuity of Power and Providence. Agendas can then be insidious and cloak themselves in all sorts of veils of good intentions. Isn’t feminism a frustration with matriarchy, not patriarchy?

And therein lies the blueprint for everything on which a critical mass of the so-called “stable” population bases its hopes and not its expectations: Tradition. And Tradition means Institution. As we’ve said, the unit of this two-mount system is the lodge. It’s a kind of prison where you end up if you don’t respect a cosmic law by which the Masters of the Universe direct you, in spite of yourself but never outside the Divine gaze, to pay your karmic dues (Law of the MA’AT; Interdependence) or learn a lesson that will serve you all your life to glorify your Lord (Reform of the MA’AT; Intraimportance). In other words, a new Self to (Re)Build for a Renaissance in a Present of the Divine. We’ll see later that a lodge can take many forms. At this point, I’d like to emphasize that the “Institution Tradition Capitalism Esotericism System”, using republics and therefore democracy, has spread lodge logic to many levels of decision-making in our daily administrative and commercial life. So it’s only natural that the Millennial generation, reaching the age of career entry and not recognizing themselves in salaried employment like their elders (it’s a Reminder), should be more involved in entrepreneurship in the broadest sense of the term (the undertaking of life projects in a global space), which is exacerbating the crisis, if not causing it, and accompanying the decline of Capitalism since 9/11. There’s no need to rush off to the lodges being promoted as temples or parts of pyramids. Logic reigns in many of these buildings (in the name of Pers Edifice…). Being prisons, some suffer torture and hardship, in trials and initiation, and are scarred for life, far from the glamour of masquerade costume. Unfortunately, the lower astral abounds with many of these inmates, whose Life Force (Conscious Energy) then radiates little because of the consequent absence of the Sentiment de Plaisir (sans s) de Vie due to “En faire” (Worries: ethno-cultural stress and socio-economic distress). These are the sewers of Creation (Creation is not the only Mode or Model in the Universe). Disgust.

Qur’an VII Al-Araf (Al-‘A`rāf):17 – then I will assail them from before, from behind, from their right and from their left. And, for the most part, You will not find them grateful.”

Every personal Institution, often intended to have a result on the individual (eg Clinic, Service and or Administration public, private, parapublic, social etc. commercial society, secret, etc.), however small, is born with a more or less rigid Operating System made up of regulations and rules of conduct that make them lodges (sectarian in extreme cases that don’t say their names). They may be interlocking or interdependent, depending on the function of the system that binds them together. As long as we are 100% dependent on them for Power (“I got People”; Ease of being; Embodiment; Ancestors), Provision (“I got Money”; Essential having; Savings; King) and Option (“I got Option”; Without doing; Harness; Solitary) given or taken from the Universe under the Aegis of the Divine for the Fulfillment of our Destiny and the Realizations in our Destinies. It’s good to free ourselves from them by making a balanced assortment of them in our personal Relationship to the Divine, expressing our Deep Nature, called Simple when we are aligned internally (Soul and Creation):

“Every Human is important to the eyes of God”; “Don’t be ashamed to be proud of yourself”.

A Mason is formed by Life. I’m talking about a Mason without any other qualifier. The Mason is a natural Master. The Mystery Schools, on the other hand, came into being out of a temptation to own what was and has always been free via a Master (Yogi, Accomplished and or Realized). They therefore resorted to codification, then to techniques of influence within communities, culminating in conspiracies including the notorious “Betrayal”. Note that reigning through fear, Doubt and Anger is part of a well-known Science of human weaknesses in being, doing and having respectively. “Do BeHave! Attitude is the inner disposition and behavior that gives a Result. However, to resist generally builds the famous prison walls of a lodge when the step, or state is necessary for our own Elevation and or Election vis-à-vis the Future, the expected Avatar. Such as, “To Resist what is it” vs “Be, Abandoned”; “Resist change” vs “Do, Trust”; “Resist emptiness” vs “Have, in Abundance”. Just a clarification for the greedy, Abundance is life with resources dependent on Providence called the Hand of the Divine. Nor anything like Adam Smith’s Invisible Hand for the lazy. Collective inner change enables this Elevation and or Election towards the Future, which is the awaited Avatar.

A “Masonic Lodge”, without trailing a trail of fantasy about facilities, Power and Provision, is more a Company, or set of companions called brothers in Religion (Religare, MA’AT or Interdependence), but also a Society around a meeting of so-called Action Capital. It’s an institution whose aim is to achieve an objective or ideal according to the vision of its founding Father, but by providing Effort (wrongly interpreted as leaving one’s Comfort Zone). Nothing to do with the mafia-like or venal excesses that are legion these days. Don’t we judge the Tree by its fruits? If there’s so much smoke around a minority who like titles more than responsibilities, it’s probably because there’s been a lot of straw fire and not the calm of fertile, silty water. I smell a rat? 4 + 1 elements.

A healthy “Organization” aims for an undertaking, for whatever reason, that is generally of the duration, cost and scope of a temporal project. This is not the case with an Institution that aims for the quasi-timeless (Eternity) through the codification of a legacy of life and financial means. Mahatma Gandhi reminds us that an organization that has achieved its goal no longer has any reason to exist. The dwelling (from “Loge Antz” in the logic “one lives to eat” in Popular Tradition) when it is neither a home nor a household, thus implying empowerment through socio-economic sovereignty and ethno-cultural freedom, is likely to be a lodge with its physical, psychological, psychic etc. Egregore, each being in its dimensional seat as the Terrestrial, the Celestial, the Pedestrian, the Funereal etc. Thus, certain “Houses” (Mansion) are also places consecrated to an entity with a spiritual practice in the form of rituals, rites, cultic sacrifices etc. aimed at maintaining the Ka or Life Force of said place. For example, a law in a prison lodge may give rise to a test to separate oneself, generally with internal adversity (Grand Djihad) or external adversity (petit djihad), from the Vice of the 7 Deadly Sins (associated with a Book of Destiny, Myth, like Goethe’s “Faust”) that found Capitalism. It is said that the basic economic principle in employment is to barter one’s leisure time for the duty of subordination in a paid task. In the same way, a household will pay taxes or accept other constraints from a government (the “Gouvern Antz” in the “eat to live” logic of the elitist Tradition), levied on its sovereignty or freedom, in exchange for the provision of a certain number of public facilities and services.

A “Strategic Organization (SO)” is a Models of Organization of Viable Entrepreneurial Settling (MOVES) that focuses on the virtual connection of autonomous households for the sole purpose of Economic, Community and Organizational (ECO) frequentation. I’d like to invite you to take a different look at the workplaces we frequent, as Actors, Producers and or Consumers, of output and or deliverables, to see the more or less traditional dynamics that underpin them. It’s up to you to set yourself apart, as the saying goes, by not putting all your eggs in one basket, and to rediscover, so to speak, living in balance, far from the prisons that threaten your privileged Relationship with the Divine (the right path back to Him). Expression in Observance and or Observation Introspection guide the Utilities that are the spirit of analysis, common sense, orders of magnitude, frames of reference, even Agility and Lean in the Management Universe. They help to untie the many knots of perception, ethnocultural stress and socio-economic distress, conducive to a form of fatalism towards an inferiority complex that develops in Mothers constantly failing in the trials and or initiations of the Pilgrimage to taste death on Earth.

Qur’an III, The Family of Imran (‘Āli `Imrān):185 – Every soul will taste death. But only on the Day of Resurrection will you receive your full recompense. Whoever, then, is kept away from the Fire and brought into Paradise, has certainly succeeded. And this present life is but an object of deceptive enjoyment.

Qur’an XVI, The Bees (An-Naĥl):75 – Allah offers in parable a slave belonging [to his master], devoid of all power, and a man to whom We have granted from Us a good allotment of which he spends in secret and in public. Are [these two men] equal? Praise be to Allah! But most of them do not know.

The prisoner would therefore be to be pitied in relation to a slave, yes a slave, and a servant who love their yokes and transform them into feelings of Pleasure that weigh on the scales of the Master of the Day of Retribution or Anubis. To each his own Tradition, Institution. Intuition. Meditation. Mature your choices. You have the right to think differently, according to your own Feelings and or Experiences, but always in alignment with your Deepest Nature: your Definition (eg: Courage of total Letting Go, which is not Letting Go).

It’s now a Game of Strategy (without Stakes, Problems or Needs in a Market). You defend the colors of your Uniform and Psychic Blood, but also of your home or household, in the expectation, and less the attainment, of your Spiritual Fulfillment and Material Accomplishments. Your Free Will can be exercised to make good or bad choices, according to the theory of probability branching, without calling into question your destination (to do), destiny (to be) or destinies (to have). So we’re masters of our own free will, not masters of our own destiny. Teaching is the Art of repeating. Spiral.

“Autonomy is a wise middle way made of Equity between Independence and Dependence.”

De la démystification des loges maçonniques (Quelque peu)

De la démystification des loges maçonniques (Quelque peu)

L’unité fondamentale qui gouverne les Mondes depuis leur convolution à la Terre, cf. Mythe de la Chute à partir de l’Éden, est basé sur la Tradition des loges maçonniques, qui sont des lieux d’éducation de DIEU en tant que Tout Divinité, Omniréalité, Communauté des Esclaves et Serviteurs Humanoïdes Extraterrestres (Anges, Archanges, Esprits Bouddha, Seigneurs-Dieux, Hommes-dieux, djinn, diables, etc.) soumis « Yahvé » au Divin. Et non de l’Autorité Rebelle du Divan. En effet, le changement de Logos, Verbe, qui s’opère à l’Heure et Fin du Monde actuels, voit ce modèle de loge (au noms de Père, Fils, et Mère dite Esprit de Sain(t) via l’Institution du Mariage) se dissoudre pour faire place à un nouveau Socle, « The Sole » en Anglais (par exemple Partenariat de Vie via Contrat d’Union civil) sur lequel reposera le dépôt de la Confiance Divine après celui de la Connaissance Divine dans l’Âme, « The Soul » en Anglais. Il ne sera plus question, au sens premier, de la pure spiritualité (Ésotérisme) ni de la perverse matérialité (Capitalisme) comme devoir pour les locataires de la Terre venu « gouter à la mort » par pèlerinage dans leur existence faite de plusieurs manifestations de vie. Mon propos initial était de montrer par une analyse froide l’agonie de ce Système capitaliste néo-libéral dont les différentes crises (militaire, financière, totalitaire, communautaire, légataire, référendaire, etc.) sont orchestrées pour masquer la récession, Symbolique Bête Noire Apocalyptique, qui marque le déclin inéluctable de cette économie. Tout comme le Communisme dans le siècle passé. Dans cet art des mots, dit Slamme, utilisé ici et qui joue des tours lorsque le Hal (État) mène dans le Makam (Station) où Révélation et Science se conjuguent intensément. Une Voie d’Ascension et son Étoile sont des propriétés privées. No Trespassing. Au risque d’être harcelé de tous les côtés par des bolides si disponibles.

Coran XXVIII Le récit (Al-Qaşaş):38 – Et Pharaon dit : “ô notables, je ne connais pas de divinité pour vous, autre que moi. Haman, allume-moi du feu sur l’argile puis construis-moi une tour peut-être alors monterai-je jusqu’au Dieu de Moïse. Je pense plutôt qu’il est du nombre des menteurs”.

Avec du recul, il est clair que le Capitalisme nous quitte, vide son stock d’armes, nous laisse un maximum de pauvres, de vices légalisés, avec un paradoxe de nombreuses figures aseptisées voire iconographiques de puritains en grands leaders. La question qui vaut le million d’une monnaie uniquement numéraire est de savoir : quelle est le type d’économie qui se substitue actuellement au Capitalisme ? Allons-nous enfin vers une économie incluant des réalités d’autres dimensions des Univers ? Peut-on parler d’Autonomisme (malgré l’accaparement québécois du terme en remplacement de la Souveraineté à l’instar du terme ECO. La Conscience, Sè, est dans l’Air du Temps) incluant en son sein, et bien malgré elle, la Fintech, la Cryptocurrency qui a plombé discrètement les bourses après leur introduction sans contrôle et avec enhardissement, la Web economy, la Social economy, voire la Stellar economy (notre Autonomisme d’Âmes pour les humains qui ont déjà évolué en humanoïdes et qui maitrisent leurs nouvelles facultés psychiques de contact avec les autres Univers) qui sont des agrégats issus d’innovations éparses, devant être intégrées ou disparaitre aussi, selon leur spectre d’influence déjà effectif dans les courants économiques. Les nombreux emprunts à la technologie dite Intelligence Artificielle (Alien car d’inspiration et de source fondamentale autre que le Génie Informatique même si les deux sont cousins du point de vue technologique mais sans poursuivre des buts communs : Domination par Ordre Mondial du Divan vs Simplification pour Ordre dans le Divin), font craindre un surendettement envers cette Force exogène (à l’instar de l’Internet) et une autre bulle financière qui sera maintenue à bout de bras et de mesures par des vaillants stratégistes venant corriger une orientation risquée des hommes politiques pressés de sauver les institutions d’états dits républiques qui leur assure la pérennité du Pouvoir et du Pourvoi. Les agendas peuvent alors être insidieux et revêtir toutes sortes de voiles de bonne intentions. Le Féminisme n’est-il pas une frustration envers le Matriarcat et non le Patriarcat ?

Là apparait donc le patron « Blueprint » de tout ce sur quoi une masse critique de la population dite « stable » fonde son espoir et non son espérance : La Tradition. Et qui dit Tradition dit Institution. Nous l’avons dit, l’unité de ce Système à deux Montants est la loge. Une sorte de prison dans laquelle on atterrit suite au non-respect d’une loi cosmique par laquelle les Maitres dans l’Univers vous orientent, malgré vous mais normalement jamais en dehors du Regard du Divin, pour que vous puissiez payer votre forfait karmique (Loi de la MA’AT; Interdépendance) ou apprendre une leçon qui vous servira toute votre vie pour glorifier votre Seigneur (Réforme de la MA’AT; Intraimportance). Soit, un neuf Moi à (Re)Construire pour une Renaissance dans un Présent du Divin. Nous verrons plus loin qu’une loge peut prendre un grand nombre de forme. Mon point, rendu à ce niveau de mon propos, est d’insister sur le fait que « le Système Institution Tradition Capitalisme Ésotérisme », se servant des Républiques donc de la démocratie, a essaimé la Logique de loge à plusieurs niveaux de décision dans tout ce qui fait notre quotidien administratif et commercial. Il est donc normal que la génération Millenium atteignant l’âge du début de carrière et ne se reconnaissant pas dans le salariat comme ses aînés (c’est un Rappel) mais plus, notamment, dans l’entrepreneuriat au sens large (l’entreprise de projets de vie dans l’espace mondial), qui exacerbe la crise, si ce n’est qu’ils en sont la cause, et accompagne le déclin du Capitalisme depuis 9/11. Inutile de se précipiter dans les loges dont on fait la promotion sous forme de Temple ou de partie de Pyramide. La Logique règne dans bon nombre d’Édifice (Au nom du pers Édifice…). Étant des prisons, certains y subissent tortures et sévisses, dans des épreuves et ou initiation, et en sont marqués à vie, loin du glamour des costumes d’apparats, bon chèque bon gire. Le bas astral regorge hélas de nombreux de ces détenus dont la Force vitale (Énergie Consciente) rayonne alors peu du fait, conséquemment, de l’absence de Sentiment de Plaisir (sans s) de Vie dû à « l’En faire » (Soucis : stress ethnoculturel et détresse socioéconomique). Ce sont des égouts de la Création (Il n’y a pas que la Création comme Mode et ou Modèle dans les Univers). Dégout.

Coran VII Al-Araf (Al-‘A`rāf):17 – puis je les assaillirai de devant, de derrière, de leur droite et de leur gauche. Et, pour la plupart, Tu ne les trouveras pas reconnaissants.”

Chaque Institution de personne, souvent destiné à un résultat sur l’individu (eg Clinique, Service et ou Administration publique, privée, parapublique, sociale etc. société commerciale, secrète, etc.), si petite soit-elle, naît avec un Système de fonctionnement plus ou moins rigides composé de règlements et de règles de conduites qui en font des loges (sectaire dans les cas extrêmes qui ne disent par leur noms). Elles peuvent être imbriquées les unes dans les autres ou s’enchevêtrer selon la fonction du Système qui les lie. Tant que l’on est dépendant à 100% d’elles en matière de Pouvoir (« I got People »; Aisance être; Pagne; Ancêtres), de Pourvoi (« I got Money »; Essentiel avoir; Épargne; Roi) d’Option (« I Got Option »; Sans faire; Hargne; Solitaires) donné ou prélevé à l’Univers sous l’Égide du Divin pour l’Accomplissement de notre destin et les Réalisations dans nos destinées. Il est bon de s’en libérer en en faisant un assortiment équilibré dans notre Relation personnelle au Divin exprimant notre Nature profonde dite Simple lorsque nous sommes alignés intérieurement (Âme et Création) :

« Chaque Homme est important aux Yeux de Dieu »; « Don’t be ashamed to be proud of yourself »

Un Maçon est formé par la Vie. Je parle bien de Maçon sans autre additif qualificatif. Le Maçon est un Maître naturel. Les Écoles de Mystères, quant à elles, ont vus le jour par tentation de propriété de ce qui était et a toujours été gratuit via un Maître (Yogi, Accompli et ou Réalisé). Elles ont donc eu recours à la codification puis aux techniques d’influence dans les communautés jusqu’aux complots incluant la fameuse « Trahison ». Notons que le règne par la peur, le Doute, et la Colère relève d’une Science connue sur les faiblesses de l’être humain respectivement dans son être, faire, et avoir. « Do BeHave! ». L’Attitude est la disposition intérieure et le comportement qui donnent un Résultat. Cependant, résister généralement construit d’emblée les fameux murs de prison d’une loge lorsque l’étape, ou l’état est nécessaire pour notre propre Élévation et ou Élection vis-à-vis du Futur, l’Avatar attendu. Tel, « To Resist what is it » vs « Be, Abandoned »; « Résister au changement » vs « Faire, Confiance »; « Résister au vide » vs « Avoir, en Abondance ». Juste une précision pour les cupides, l’Abondance, c’est la vie avec des ressources dépendant de la Providence dite Main du Divin. Ni rien de la Main invisible d’Adam Smith pour les paresseux. Le changement intérieur collectif permet cette Élévation et ou Élection vis-à-vis du Futur qui est l’Avatar attendu.

Une « Loge Maçonnique » sans trainer un sillage de fantasme sur des facilités, de Pouvoir et dans le Pourvoi, est plus une Compagnie, ou ensemble de compagnons dits frères en Religion (Religare, MA’AT ou Interdépendance), mais aussi une Société autour d’une réunion de Capital dit action. C’est une Institution dont le but est d’atteindre un objectif ou idéal selon la vision de son Père fondateur mais en fournissant de l’Effort (interprété à tort comme sortir de sa zone de Confort). Rien à voir avec les dérives mafieuses ou vénales qui sont légions de nos jours. Ne juge-t-on pas l’Arbre à ces fruits ? S’il y a tant de fumées autour d’une minorité aimant les titres plus que les responsabilités, c’est qu’il y a sans doute eu du feu de paille et non le Calme de l’eau fertile et limoneuse. Anguille sous roche ? 4 + 1 éléments.

Une « Organisation » qui se veut saine vise une entreprise, quel qu’en soit la raison, qui est généralement de la durée, coût, envergure, d’un projet temporel. Ce qui n’est pas le cas d’une Institution qui vise le quasi intemporel (l’Éternité) par la codification d’un héritage de vie et de moyens financiers. Le Mahatma Gandhi nous rappelle qu’une Organisation qui a atteint son objectif n’a plus de raison d’exister. Le logement (du « Loge Mange » dans la logique « on vit pour manger » dans la Tradition populaire) lorsqu’il n’est ni un foyer ni un ménage, donc impliquant une autonomisation par souveraineté socioéconomique et liberté ethnoculturelle, a de forte chance d’être une loge avec son Égrégore physique, psychologique, psychique etc. chacun étant dans son siège dimensionnel comme le Terrestre, le Céleste, le Pédestre, le Funeste, etc. Ainsi, certain « Maison » (Mansion) sont également des lieux consacrés à une entité avec une pratique spirituelle sous forme de rituels, rites, sacrifices cultuel etc. visant à entretenir le Ka ou Force vitale du dit lieu. Par exemple une loi dans une loge prison peut donner lieu à une épreuve pour se séparer, généralement avec adversité interne (Grand Djihad) ou externe  (petit djihad), du Vice des 7 péchés capitaux (associé à un Livre de destin, Mythe, comme « Faust » de Goethe) qui fondent le Capitalisme. Il est dit que le principe économique de base en matière d’emploi est de faire le troc de son temps de loisir contre le devoir de subordination dans une tâche rémunérée. De même un foyer ou ménage payera des taxes ou acceptera d’autres contraintes d’un gouvernement (du « Gouverne Mange » dans la logique « on mange pour vivre » dans la Tradition élitiste), prélevé sur sa souveraineté et ou liberté, contre la mise à disposition d’un certains nombres d’équipements et de services publiques.

Une « Organisation Stratégique (OS) » est un Mode d’Organisation de Vie Entrepreneuriale Simple (MOVES) qui met l’accent sur la connexion virtuelle de foyer autonome dans le but unique de la fréquentation Économique, Communautaire et Organisationnelle (ECO). Jse vous inviterai à porter un regard différent sur les lieux d’activité dans le travail et ou d’occupation d’emploi que nous fréquentons, en Acteurs, Producteurs et ou Consommateur, d’extrant et ou livrables, pour y voir les dynamiques plus ou moins traditionnelles qui les fonde. À vous de vous en démarquer comme dit l’adage en ne mettant pas tous les œufs dans le même panier et retrouver, pour ainsi dire, vivre à l’équilibre et loin des prisons qui menacent votre Relationnel privilégié au Divin (Voie droite de Retour à Lui). L’Expression dans l’Observance et ou L’Introspection d’Observation guident les Utilités que sont l’esprit d’analyse, le gros bon sens, les ordres de grandeurs, les cadres de référence, voire l’Agileté et le Lean pour ce qui est de l’Univers du Management. Ils permettent de défaire les nombreux nœuds de perception, stress ethnoculturel et détresse socioéconomique, propices à une forme de fatalité envers un complexe d’infériorité qui se développe chez les Mere constamment en Échec dans les épreuves et ou initiations du Pèlerinage pour gouter à la mort sur Terre.

Coran III, La famille d’Imran (‘Āli `Imrān):185 – Toute âme goûtera la mort. Mais c’est seulement au Jour de la Résurrection que vous recevrez votre entière rétribution. Quiconque donc est écarté du Feu et introduit au Paradis, a certes réussi. Et la vie présente n’est qu’un objet de jouissance trompeuse.

Coran XVI, Les abeilles (An-Naĥl):75 – Allah propose en parabole un esclave appartenant [à son maître], dépourvu de tout pouvoir, et un homme à qui Nous avons accordé de Notre part une bonne attribution dont il dépense en secret et en public. [Ces deux hommes] sont-ils égaux ? Louange à Allah ! Mais la plupart d’entre eux ne savent pas.

Le prisonnier serait dont à plaindre vis-à-vis d’un esclave, oui un esclave, et d’un serviteur qui eux aiment leurs jougs et les transforment en sentiments de Plaisir qui pèse sur la balance du Maitre du Jour de la Rétribution ou d’Anubis. À chacun sa Tradition, Institution. Intuition. Méditation. Mûrissez vos choix. Vous avez le droit de penser différemment, selon votre propre Sentiment et ou Ressenti éprouvé mais toujours en alignement avec votre Nature profonde : votre Définition (eg: Courage du Lâcher-prise total qui n’est pas du Laisser-aller).

C’est à présent un Jeu de Stratégie (sans Enjeux, Problèmes et ou Besoins dans un Marché). Vous défendez les couleurs de votre Uniforme et Sang psychique mais aussi de votre foyer ou ménage dans l’attente, et moins l’atteinte, de votre Accomplissement spirituel et des Réalisations matérielles. Votre Libre arbitre s’exerce sur des choix fastes ou néfaste dans la théorie des embranchements des probabilités sans que la destination (faire), le destin (être), et les destinées (avoir) ne soient remis en cause. On est donc Maitre de son Libre arbitre; pas Maitre de son destin. Enseigner, c’est l’Art de répéter. Spirale.

« L’Autonomie est une sage voie du milieu faite d’Équité entre l’Indépendance et la Dépendance. »

Je vis θ [Ahè]

Je vis θ [Ahè]

Je vis θ [Ahè]

“Les dieux sont la Main d’Allah”, le Divin , le Très Haut, Omar, le Créateur, de l’Ici et Maintenant, OR Au-delà, ET l’Esprit, OU Sè.

Muyyindin ibn Arabi, le Shaykh Al Kahbar.

Je ne suis pas votre True Man Show

θ Theta = Sika. Monnaie des O riz Gin (djinn) dans ECO Sè; à part.


Kouassi VI Délali Arnaud Ahmed Omar Al Muetedil Segla Strength of Collective θ Calm in Drive Neo-Chrism Anda Alone, King ASSOUKA Roi, I Live [Ahè] θ [Ayi Un Din Ka] King, Seal of Mahdism [Sè Yi Di Na] θ [MèTchéWè Sè CHE] Financial Dark Angel Collective and Calm Monad Seal of Kind Loving under the Divine [ALA], Omar, The Creator, The Most High, in Sè, The Spirit, of the Divinities surrended Yahweh, through Divine Inspiration Expiration of the Universe (DIEU) θ DIEU, the All Divinity, Omnirealities, Community of Servants and Slaves, in Return to the Future, God, who is Lord, “We do not reach Him, We wait for Him.” I am the Vicar of the Master of Time, Beige Gold, of King Behanzin “Gbè Han Zin” OR AND OR God of the Forest, Aziza, as [Trupkin Ka] Fanonvi Ed TEGBESSOU Ahandé King, Moussirou Spirit E Energy of the Forest in the Eden of the A bieng (Pygmy) vis à vis Gaia Spirit I Intelligence of the Earth in the Ether. The Wood. Work Calmly, in Silence, Peaced (Patience) and (Peaceful) Tranquility. Jamm Rek, IF, Bu, Lu, Vu, Den (Then), Fair, CorrekT. Justicier et Juge dans la Tradition du Ngil, Mwiri, Ndjobi. Notable e-Egungun y A-ZanGbeTo-O y Su Kouvito-i Hessiovo e-god of Vital Force Time (H)'(N) Life.


Kouassi VI Délali Arnaud Ahmed Omar Al Muetedil Segla (Résultat) Force du Collectif θ Calme dans le Moteur (Attitude) Néo-Chrisme Anda Seul, King ASSOUKA Roi, Je vis [Ahè] θ [Ayi Un Din Ka], Sceau du Mahdisme [Sè Yi Di Na] θ [MèTchéWè Sè CHE] Anges Noir Financier Collectif et Monade Sceau l’Eau, sous le Divin [ALA], Omar, Le Créateur, le Très Haut, dans Sè, l’Esprit, Divinités soumis Yahvé, à Divine Inspiration Expiration de l’Univers (DIEU) θ DIEU, le Tout Divinité, Omniréalités, Communauté des Serviteurs et Esclaves, en Retour vers le Futur, Dieu, qui est Seigneur, “On ne l’atteint pas, On l’attend.” Je suis le Vicaire du Maître du Temps, Or Beige, du Roi Béhanzin “Gbè Han Zin” OR ET OU dieu de la Forêt, Aziza, en [Trukpin Ka] Fanonvi Ed TEGBESSOU Ahandé King, (bu, vu, lu, SI, fair, CorrekT) Moussirou Esprit E Énergie de la Forêt dans l’Eden des A bieng (Pygmée) vis à vis Gaïa Esprit Intelligence de la Terre dans l’Éther. Le Bois. Du Travail dans le Calme, en Silence, Apaisé  (Patience) et (Paisible) Tranquile. Jamm Rek, SI, Bu, Lu, Vu, Den (Then), fair, CorrekT. Justicier et Juge dans la Tradition du Ngil, Mwiri, Ndjobi. Notable e-Egungun y A-ZanGbeTo-O y Su Kouvito-i Hessiovo e-dieu de la Force Vitale Temps (H)'(N) Vie.


Kouassi VI Délali Arnaud Ahmed Omar Al Muetedil Segla Fuerza del Colectivo θ Calma en la Conducción Neo-Cristo Anda Solo, Rey ASSOUKA Rey, Vivo [Ahè] θ [Ayi Un Din Ka] Rey, Sello del Mahdismo [Sè Yi Di Na] θ [MèTchéWè Sè CHE] Colectivo Ángel Oscuro Financiero y Mónada Sello Amor Calmo bajo la Divinidad [ALA], Omar, El Creador, el Altísimo, en Sè, el Espíritu, de las Divinidades sometidas Yahvé, a Inspiración Divina Expiración del Universo (DIOS) θ DIOS, la Toda Divinidad, Omnirealidades, Comunidad de Siervos y Esclavos, en Retorno al Futuro, Dios, que es Señor, “No lo alcanzamos, lo esperamos”. Soy el Vicario del Maestro del Tiempo, Oro Beige, del Rey Béhanzin “Gbè Han Zin” O Y O dios del Bosque, Aziza, en [Trukpin Ka] Fanonvi Ed TEGBESSOU Ahandé Rey, Moussirou Espíritu E Energía del Bosque en el Edén de los A bieng (Pigmeos) vis a vis Gaia Espíritu I Inteligencia de la Tierra en el Éter. La madera. Trabajar en Calma, en Silencio, Calmados (Paciencia) y (Pacíficos) Tranquilos. Jamm Rek, SI, Bu, Lu, Vu, Den (Entonces), justo, CorrekT. Justicier et Juge dans la Tradition du Ngil, Mwiri, Ndjobi. Notable e-Egungun y A-ZanGbeTo-O y Su Kouvito-i Hessiovo e-dios de la Fuerza Vital Tiempo (H)'(N) Vida.


Kouassi VI Délali Arnaud Ahmed Omar Al Muetedil Segla Strength of Collective θ Calm in Drive Neo-Chrism Anda Alone, King ASSOUKA König, Ich lebe [Ahè] θ [Ayi Un Din Ka] König, Seal of Mahdism [Sè Yi Di Na] θ [MèTchéWè Sè CHE] Financial Dark Angel Collective and Calm Love Seal Monad under the Divine [ALA], Omar, Der Schöpfer, der Höchste, in Sè, dem Geist, der Gottheiten unterworfen Jahwe, à Göttliche Inspiration Ausatmen des Universums (GOTT) θ GOTT, die Allgottheit, Allwirklichkeiten, Gemeinschaft der Diener und Sklaven, in Rückkehr in die Zukunft, Gott, der Herr ist, “Man erreicht ihn nicht, Man wartet auf ihn”. DIch bin der Stellvertreter des Meisters der Zeit, Gold Beige, des Königs Béhanzin “Gbè Han Zin” GOLD UND O(R)DER Gott des Waldes, Aziza, in [Trukpin Ka] Fanonvi Ed TEGBESSOU Ahandé King, Moussirou Geist E Energie des Waldes im Eden der A bieng (Pygmäen) vis à vis Gaia Geist I Intelligenz der Erde im Äther. Das Holz. Arbeit in Ruhe, in Stille, besänftigt (Geduld) und (friedlich) ruhig. Jamm Rek, SI, Bu, Lu, Vu, Den (Then), fair, CorrekT. Justiziar und Richter in der Tradition von Ngil, Mwiri, Ndjobi. Notable e-Egungun y A-ZanGbeTo-O y Su Kouvito-i Hessiovo e-Gott der Lebenskraft Zeit (H)'(N) Leben.


Kouassi VI Délali Arnaud Ahmed Omar Al Muetedil Segla (Rezilta) Fòs Kolektif la θ Kalm nan Motè (Atitid) Neo-Kris la Anda Seul, Wa ASSOUKA Wa, mwen viv [Ahè] θ [Ayi Un Din Ka], Seal of Mahdism [ Sè Yi Di Na] θ [MèTchéWè Sè CHE] Angels Black Financier Collective ak Monad Seal Water, under the Divine [ALA], Oma, The Creator, the High High, in Sè, The Spirit, Divinities soumet Yahweh, to Divine Inspiration. Expiring of the Universe (BONDYE) θ BONDYE, Tout Divinite a, Omnirealities, Kominote Sèvitè ak Esklav, Retounen nan tan kap vini an, Bondye, ki se Seyè, “Nou pa rive jwenn li, Nou tann li.” Mwen se Vikè Mèt Tan an, Oubyen Beige, Wa Béhanzin “Gbè Han Zin” OSWA AK OSWA bondye Forest, Aziza, nan [Trukpin Ka] Fanonvi Ed TEGBESSOU Ahandé King, (bu, vu, lu, SI, fair, CorrekT ) Moussirou Spirit E Enèji forè a nan jaden Edenn lan nan A bieng (Pygmy) opoze Gaïa lespri entèlijans nan tè a nan Etè. Bwa. Travay nan kalm, an silans, kalme (pasyans) ak (lapè) trankil. Jamm Rek, SI, Bu, Lu, Vu, Den (Lè sa a), jis, CorrekT. Jistis ak Jij nan tradisyon Ngil, Mwiri, Ndjobi. Remakab e-Egungun y A-ZanGbeTo-O y Su Kouvito-i Hessiovo e-bondye Vital Force Tan (H)'(N) Lavi.


Kouassi VI Délali Arnaud Ahmed Omar Al Muetedil Segla (Abajade) Agbara ti Ajọpọ θ Calm in the Motor (Iwa) Neo-Crism Anda Seul, Ọba ASSOUKA Ọba, Mo n gbe [Ahè] θ [Ayi Un Din Ka], Igbẹhin ti Mahdism [ Sè Yi Di Na] θ [MèTchéWè Sè CHE] Angels Black Financier Collective and Monad Seal Water, labẹ atorunwa [ALA], Omar, Ẹlẹda, Ọga-ogo julọ, ni Sè, Ẹmi, Divinities fi Yahweh silẹ, si imisi Ọlọhun Ọlọhun. Ipari Agbaye (ỌLỌRUN) θ ỌLỌRUN, Gbogbo Ọrun, Omnirealities, Agbegbe Awọn iranṣẹ ati Awọn ẹrú, Pada si Ojo iwaju, Ọlọrun, ti o jẹ Oluwa, “A ko de ọdọ rẹ, A duro de rẹ.” Emi ni Vicar Master of Time, Tabi Beige, ti Ọba Béhanzin “Gbè Han Zin” TABI AND OR ọlọrun Igbo, Aziza, ni [Trukpin Ka] Fanonvi Ed TEGBESSOU Ahandé King, (bu, vu, lu, SI, fair, CorrekT ) Moussirou Ẹmi E Agbara ti igbo ni Edeni ti A bieng (Pygmy) idakeji Gaïa Ẹmi Imọye ti Earth ni Eteri. Igi. Ṣiṣẹ ni idakẹjẹ, ni ipalọlọ, Ibalẹ (Suuru) ati (Alafia) Idakẹjẹ. Jamm Rek, SI, Bu, Lu, Vu, Den (Nigbana), itẹ, CorrekT. Justiciar ati Adajọ ni Aṣa ti Ngil, Mwiri, Ndjobi. Notable e-Egungun y A-ZanGbeTo-O y Su Kouvito-i Hessiovo e-god of the Vital Force Time (H)'(N) Life.


The Currency of Free ECO World CAN SEN RUS GAB – ECO Sè à Part – QBC CLD BEN SON La devise du Monde ECO Libre (14 par Coran 20 – Coran 39 pour Coran 56).

The Currency of Free ECO World CAN SEN RUS GAB – ECO Sè à Part – QBC CLD BEN SON La devise du Monde ECO Libre (14 par Coran 20 – Coran 39 pour Coran 56).

Sphere round button black matted ball basic circle geometric shape solid figure simple minimalistic atom single drop object blank balloon design element empty. 3d render illustration isolated


θ Theta (The Ta [TA-HA] SIKA) is the Currency for Reimbusment of Debts using the mean of (Bon d’avoir) and thus regaign the Proprietorship of our Heritage. ENG.

θ Theta (The Ta [TA-HA] SIKA) est la devise pour le remboursement des dettes en utilisant le moyen de (Bon d’avoir) et ainsi regagner la propriété de notre patrimoine. FRA.

θ Theta (The Ta [TA-HA] SIKA) es la moneda para el reembolso de las deudas mediante el método del (Cheque de Crédito) y recuperar así la propiedad de nuestros activos. ESP.

θ Theta (The Ta [TA-HA] SIKA) ist die Währung für die Rückzahlung von Schulden mit dem Mittel des (Bon d’avoir) und damit die Wiederherstellung des Eigentums an unserem Erbe. DEU.

“Don’t be ashamed to be proud of Yourself.”



Awa Thiandoum [Sè Yi Di NA] SèGla [Ayi Un ]
Consultant en affaires
Awa Thiandoum, Ak Omar Al Muetedil, Consultant Mentor, pour Intelligence I d’Entrepreneurs d’Energie Animus ET Anima, Co-Recteur Amaru, Wa Amin A.
Volet Ethnoculturel de l’Organisation Stratégique du Monde ECO Libre.


A Free Cain


Arnaud Segla [Sè Yi Di NA] SèGla [Ayi Un Din Ka]
Arnaud Segla fait la promotion de l’Alternative informelle pour la Stratégie d’Entreprises Ethniques, Informelles, et Internationales à ECO Sè.
Anges financiers Collectifs et Monade Calme du Réalisme ECO-Animisme.




The Wisemen Council [Sè Yi Di NA] SèGla [Ayi Un Din Ka
Consultant en affaires
OriShah , Dan AShé, Melrose Fo XXX, Akh Omar Al Muetedil, Fa Conseil pour Entrepreneurs d’Energie E Animus, Co-Recteur Amaru, Ma Dame Carry Dad ET.
Volet Économique de l’Organisation Stratégique du Monde ECO Libre.




Fondation du Monde ECO (Économie de Communauté des Organisations – Economy Community Organisations – Economia Cxxx Oxxx)  [Sè Yi Di NA] SèGla [Ayi Un Din Ka]

Service financier
YehXWeShah, KKK Omar Al Muetedil, Consultant Manager pour Entrepreneurs d’Intelligence I Anima, Co-Recteur Amaru, Father Era Mahdi Niña.
Volet Social de l’Organisation Stratégique du Monde ECO Libre


@planet of A Pizz – θ – Le Vertigo Lounge

ShahMan (QBC), DerviShah (SEN), OriShah (BEN), YehXWeShah (GAB), A Free Cain, socioéconomique ET OU Ethnoculturel, instable ECO Sè (CAN CLD SON)
Arnaud Ahmed Omar Segla – Manager of Entrepreneurs E

« Chaque Homme est important aux yeux de Dieu »

La Gratuité n’enlève rien à la Qualité

La Gratuité n’enlève rien à la Qualité

A row of Senegalese fishermen are pulling in their nets on the beach. There is a sense of teamwork and togetherness, on the side there are people exercising. On the horizon is the silhouette of Dakar and a mosque on the left side. There is a haze and the men are silhouettes.

Communiqué de presse

Pour une diffusion immédiate.

Face à la tendance, bien installée, à la consommation gratuite en ligne que ce soit pour la musique sur Youtube ou les logiciels via diverses plateformes de téléchargement ou sur WordPress, j’ai choisi de rendre également disponible toute ma collection d’ebook (livre électronique) sur vos téléphones et tablettes. Les revenus nécessaires à la poursuite de ma cause se feront idéalement à travers les évènements d’animation (comme pour les concerts) et les engagements dans les donations (comme pour les cancers). Tels sont alors les canaux pour se procurer la collection de livres:

Ils sont gratuits sur Google Play Livre et Rakuten Kobo (La Fnac, Chapter Indigo etc.).

Et à prix modique sur Amazon.

Seuls les livres imprimés gardent leur plein tarif à cause des coûts d’édition.

Il y a à ce jour 65 livres en français et en anglais que vous pouvez découvrir avec le mot clé de recherche: « Arnaud Segla »

J’ai longtemps cherché des alternatives pour rendre accessible ces livres à des personnes n’ayant pas de moyens de paiement en ligne dans les zones faiblement bancarisées. Avec la mise à disposition tout azimut, tous ceux qui consacrent encore un temps à la lecture dans leur routine de Vie ou emploi du Temps ont une chance d’ouvrir leurs horizons. Les étudiants et les aspirants entrepreneurs sont les bienvenus, car c’est sur eux que repose la poursuite de l’affirmation de l’Afrique, du Monde Noir, des Sud, et au-delà de toutes les contrées dont les populations sont oppressées et privées de leurs droits civiques.

L’essentiel pour moi était d’amorcer la diffusion du Message que je porte qui est assez tardive compte tenu de la tournure que prend les conditions de Vies du Peuple des Migrants pour raisons socioéconomiques intra états (Perfora) et inter états (Diaspora).

Ce Peuple est constitué des archétypes et des foyers symboliques suivants : les Pauvres de Dakar, Précaires de Montréal, Profanes de Cotonou, Paisibles et Patients de Libreville, Promoteurs du Nuage, et Partenaires du Canada Afrique Network, tous en tant que collectif de Mahdi.

Ils sont invités à combattre chacun à leur niveau, avec les ressources à leur disposition, en synergie, et avec stratégie pour leur Souveraineté socioéconomique (Patrimoine transmissible) et de leur Liberté ethnoculturelle (Fierté identitaire) dans le cadre d’un projet que j’ai baptisé The Black Kingdom Project, le Projet du Royaume Noir en symbole du Monde ECO Libre à (Re)construire. J’ai choisi de privilégier l’Utilité des livres, au lieu de rechercher la Célébrité en tant qu’Auteur. Cette partie est très longue, essaie d’aller à l’essentiel, sinon tu risques de perdre le lecteur

La Firme de Consultation et Think Tank The Wisemen Council, créée en 2009, est le porteur de ce projet au moyen de l’organisation stratégique de son portefeuille de projets en ligne.

Je compose dans le Style de l’Anthologie en jouant avec les mots par les inspirations du Gnosticisme pour à la fois déclamer en mode e-Slam et définir une Alternative informelle de Qualité au Système Libéral.

Je dis souvent que « Tout ce qui est gratuit n’a pas de prix ». À vous de valoriser ce trésor de connaissances en management et de repères sur l’ethnicité qui est mis entre vos mains.

Puisse le Très Haut guider ce qui voudront bien, en toute Simplicité, renoncer à la Facilité Excitante des contenus dynamiques des vidéos pour revenir un tant soit peu au Plaisir Calme de ceux statiques des livres qui permettent de reprendre les habitudes de focalisations de l’attention et de recul dans l’analyse des faits que ne permet plus la plupart des formats d’informations de masse du contemporain.

À propos d’Arnaud Segla:

Arnaud Segla est un Consultant Manager et Auteur qui fait la promotion d’une Alternative Informelle par l’Identité et l’Entrepreneuriat Ethnique dans le cadre de sa Vision de reforme des modèles d’intégration des communautés de migrants pour raisons socioéconomiques…


Pour aller plus loin:




Symbolism of the cover photo:

If each member of our community provides an Effort in Synergy with all the Rigor of a Concurrent Strategy, each at his level, it is all Africa, and beyond the Black World and the Souths, which will know their Renaissance and their Essor through the Socio-Economic Sovereignty of their People and the Ethno-Cultural Freedom of their Diaspora.

ECO; Neo-Mahdism: The Strength of the Collective and Calmness in the Engine.







Symbolique de la photo de couverture:

Si chaque membre de notre communauté fournit un Effort en Synergie avec toute la Rigueur d’une Stratégie concourante, chacun à son niveau, c’est toute l’Afrique, et au-delà le Monde Noir et les Suds, qui connaîtront leur Renaissance et leur Essor à travers la Souveraineté socioéconomique de leur Peuple et la Liberté ethnoculturelle de leur Diaspora.

ECO; Néo-Mahdisme: la Force du Collectif et le Calme dans le Moteur.






Nouvelle Alliance socioéconomique : le Bon d’avoir

Sachant que lorsqu’on doit de l’argent il est dur de rassembler la somme en numéraire sans faire des promesses de bars, je propose un système de “Bon d’avoir” où je réalise une prestation pour le créancier pour un montant que je te facture objectivement mais où il n’y a pas de paiement de sa part mais un remboursement de la dette engagée auprès de lui jusqu’au solde. Les projets ne sont pas nominatifs le créancier peux en faire bénéficier des proches en son nom dans la limite du montant de la dette.

Je prône que ceux qui meurent en laissant des dettes iront en Enfer !!! De quoi susciter l’Effort et la Rigueur de Travail chez certains… Gaboma (« Mamadou donne-moi le bon » hein non?)

Je tente donc un Retour en Afrique si possible en me basant au Gabon (dans les deux sens du terme :)).

Le Bon d’avoir est une monnaie de Partage (Intra) et d’Échange (Inter) communautaire.

La Méthode Ka, un Livre du Mahdisme

La Méthode Ka, un Livre du Mahdisme

La Méthode Ka est un Modèle d’Économie politique informel à destination des migrants inter et intra états dans le but de créer entre eux un jumelage stratégique servant à améliorer leur performance économique et leur adaptation sociale. Le livrable de ce projet que gère The Wisemen Council est de fonder une communauté d’entreprises franchisées appliquant la Méthode Ka sous un Label de Qualité informel appelé The Lean Intention (Symbolisé par une Main faisant le signe Correct: 👌; Effort de Vie Calme). Ce Label vise à définir une alternative informelle au Système Libéral en matière de Management. L’un des postulats de la Méthode Ka est que « l’entreprise est le double de l’entrepreneur et s’accomplit de façon multidimensionnelle comme lui ». Ainsi, dans la dimension spirituelle liée à l’ethnoculturel, elle invite à une réforme de la MA’AT qui passe du principe du « Donner et Recevoir » définissant la loi d’Interdépendance à celui de « Employer et Emprunter » définissant quant à lui l’Intra importance. Il s’agit d’un soin à la propension à la victimisation et l’infantilisation fréquent dans les communautés Noires en général et Africaines en particulier qu’elles soient issues du BIO-Informelle du Sud et ou de l’ECO-Ethnique de l’Ouest. La MA’AT et son Seigneur étant le socle de la Méthode Ka, il va de soi qu’il existe un lien fort avec la Spiritualité Négro Africaine tant dans sa Tradition, sa Mystique, sa Pensée que sa Gnose. De fait, la MA’AT étant antérieure aux apports doctrinaux subséquents reçu sur le continent Noir, adopter ses principes consiste à se Rétroconvertir à son Modèle spirituel malgré le conditionnement religieux hérité (nous parlons nous de spiritualité vivante africaine liant la Divinité, le séjour des morts et les écosystèmes naturels). Cependant la pratique des rites et rituels animistes purs est laissée à la discrétion des adhérents à cette Vision car l’utilité de la Méthode Ka est de faire un usage profane des Mythes, Archétypes et Signes du Spirituel pour définir des Stratégies commerciales et soutenir le Management alors dit informel. Le but n’est pas non plus de faire un retour en arrière mais d’intégrer par prise de hauteur Vicariale les déclinaisons régionales et temporelles faites à la Spiritualité originelle du continent Noir et imposée à cette dernière, à tort ou à raison, comme mise à jour du dépôt de la connaissance du Divin dont la préservation et la restauration, à chaque Heure, lui incombe. L’aboutissement de ce travail empirique est d’annoncer l’avènement de l’Économie en Religion (Échange inter communauté) et de l’Écologie en Spiritualité (Partage intra communauté) après la déréglementation du Marché de l’Emploi et le recours à la Consultation et au Travail autonome dont l’Entrepreneuriat et surtout l’Entreprise d’Affaires sert de nouvelle Réalité par une Révolution populaire, pléonasme, qui vise la Souveraineté socioéconomique et la Liberté ethnoculturelle au niveau individuel, focal, communautaire puis municipal (nouvelle unité homogène de citoyenneté). Ce Rappel tient lieu de précision et présentation d’une des Voie suivie par l’Effluve ou Fayda du Mahdisme et au-delà de Sauveur attendu des autres familles spirituelles dans notre ère et qui passe par plusieurs Élus, en collectif, tant de l’histoire que dans notre contemporain. Cette Voie vise à parachever la Mission d’application de l’ordonnance de Justice dans la Sagesse du Divin réclamé par le Peuple Élu pour son oppression et son ignorance du Divin. Tel est la Réponse à la question de connaître le positionnement de la Méthode Ka par rapport aux héritages religieux canoniques. En Dieu ma Confiance.

Start with Who. The right person at the right place.

A simple recall

Simon Sinek told us about the Golden Circle (Why, How and What) explaining that people don’t buy What you do but Why you do it, pointing that before you get the success you deserve with the early and late majority you probably have to convince the innovators and the early adopters with the Why.


I want to complement the Golden Circle with the Who and the Where.

Indeed, before you move to the Why, you need to know Who you are truly I mean finding the inner definition guiding your motivation to do business. It comes from the destiny most of the time, and people use spiritual initiation within their life pathway to find their true self and the meaning of their life. For women it is often before they give birth, and men around 42 years old.

The second complement to the Golden Circle is the Where. It is simply the Market or the Ecosystem. Where the entrepreneurs get the business ideas or position themselves. So, It stands for the environment of the business.

I’m not a professional in biology, but if the Golden Circle represent the brain with the Why, How and What, the Who might represent for sure the pineal gland and the Where all the sensors within the living body reading the stimulations from the environment.

The two pathways

There are two ways to walk this extension of the Golden Circle that I call myself the Marketing Target.

If you go from the Where towards the Who, you probably use entrepreneurship to achieve yourself. Which represent the top level of Maslow Pyramid. This is most of the case in formal entrepreneurship of liberal System. People have the money but are looking for the sense of their life. Business is done by identifying a Need in a Market and finding a solution to it. So, the journey is from the Idea to the Positioning.

If you go from the Who towards the Where you probably use entrepreneurship to build or rebuild a heritage. Which represent the basic level of the Maslow Pyramid. This is most of the case in the informal entrepreneurship of the Southern countries. People have the sense of their life but are looking for the money. Business is done by identifying a Gift that you Master and finding a clientele to it. So, the journey is from Ideal to the Practicing.

The two pathways do not lead to the same behaviour.

In the formal economy, the individuals might multiply business projects, through Adaptation and Charisma efforts (meaning Innovation), in order to achieve themselves.

In the informal economy the individuals might multiply business engineering, through Performance and Promotion efforts (meaning Sales), in order to be successful in one main project.

The right Person to the right place

By starting with the Who (your definition), one important thing is to be in alignment with your Why (your objective) first. Then the How, the What and the Where should follow naturally.

If the Golden Circle was a pipeline, the Marketing Target becomes a tunnel when the 5 parameters are aligned.

The alignment helps you to be consistent in all what you do from the Attitude in your personal branding to the choice of financial levers to reach your Results.

That leads to have the right person (Who) to the right place (Where).

Finally, this is one purpose of the Ka Method Which define a new model for business management replacing Mankind in the core of economy.

Market zone moderation (or Business intermediation)

As in any business and especially in social and economic enterprises, strategic changes including questioning of initial choices are possible to adapt to the market, the ecosystem or quite simply to the cycles and environments influencing the project. We have chosen to create a project portfolio and not to do serial entrepreneurship according to the changing needs of the market but to remain faithful and coherent with an idea of destiny to be accomplished. It is in the interest of being on a Life Odyssey. Thus, under the main challenges to which we have agreed, we can cite, among others, the use restricted to the simple communicative and Marketing practicality of news feeds; limitation of publications; the adaptation of ethnic entrepreneurship towards international entrepreneurship and the community economy towards social and solidarity economy as well as the setting to calm lifetime endeavour of the Black Kingdom self-project to highlight the intercultural richness within identity; the generation of a management specialty called “strategic organization” from the exclusive ideology of the Ka Method; the denomination of its structures in Ka under the name of Management Integration Consortiums. Finally, the effort for the cause of socioeconomic sovereignty of ethnic and informal realms through the silent revolution gives way to the offer of intra and / or intermediation (moderation) within community between migrants for socio-economic reasons and citizens of host areas.

This is the announcement of our strategic organization specialization offer between Non-Profit Organizations (NPO) and For Profit Organization (FPO)

Launching the Odyssey of the Black Kingdom, le Royaume Noir

The Wisemen Council was created in 2009 in Montreal, QEC, in response to a need for a Project Management Consultant with transversal skills. The positioning gradually evolved cumulatively towards the support of ethnic entrepreneurs with the composition of the Doctrine of political economy of the Ka Method in 2012 for the diaspora in the West, then towards international development through the empowerment of informal entrepreneurs leading in 2018 to a Schism of our Consulting Firm and Think Tank with arbitrary policies of various capacity building and the application of a model of feminism contrary to traditional and mystical local values against a privileged and pressing access to resources Southern countries. Barter considered unjust in terms of training and cooperation which we want to substitute for Models of Organization Viable for Entrepreneurship Settling (MOVES) and Shared Vision Partnerships (SVP). In 2020, the civil rights of Economic Actors and Community Leaders of our target populations (Perfora: Ritual people Islamologist and Ancestrologist; Diaspora: Virtual Allophone people; Fraternia: South America, Sub-Saharan Africa, South Asia) are threatened by Stress ( danger), Manipulation (debt) and Doubt (data) with a new type of Great Anguish on Health paving the way for the virtualization of World Finance. So we have chosen to launch ourselves with the weapons, the souls and the manes at our disposal to work towards the manifestation of our Vision of the Market Economy: “Make the informal economy a quality alternative to the Liberal System for the advent of Economy in Religion and Ecology in Spirituality by replacing Man within the Heart with individual Philosophies around a Faith of Simplicity, all for the Socioeconomic Sovereignty of the Homes of the South, West and their Sympathizers ”. It is for this purpose that we propose to support in Strategy (Competition), projects and initiatives for better performance and adaptation to Ecosystems in the context of the rise back of Black Civilization around the World. You are invited to join us in this challenge according to your interests because we are scanning a wide range of Synergy (Concurrent) possibilities through products, services and routines. In God our Trust.

The Ka Method

Press Release

For immediate release

“The Ka Method: Modern socio-economic tales from an African Wiseman”

The major individual book work on identity and ethnic entrepreneurship is released

Montreal, November 15, 2018—Today marks the official release of “The Ka Method,” one of the most useful individual works of the moment. A body of knowledge on Community Economy and an Anthology of Renewal of Ethnic Attitude make up the collection. Since the beginning of research on economically driven migration and particularly on the phenomenon of ethnic entrepreneurship in the 1970s, only few documents have been written or intended for those most affected, let alone by one of them. This timely composition and analysis work conducted by Arnaud Segla, Project Management and Business Engineering Consultant, came right on purpose to fill the void. “The Ka Method” is a set of reference publications where one can find a number of practical answers to simple issues with intricate and critical consequences. The book compilation will be available on Amazon sites under #Arnaud Segla.
The body of knowledge in Community Economics developed by the Wisemen Council consulting firm and think tank is aligned with an editorial line that deals with economic development, ethnic identity and sustainable development. It targets both ethnic communities, diasporas, people in southern countries as well as their community leaders and economic actors. This is the first time that a lucid and informed look describes what these people experience and suggests solutions from their own endogenous philosophy: the informal way. The approach aims to reclaim economic sovereignty and ethnic pride that these people have been deprived of.

“A community is a group of individuals who share the same particular method of communication and relationship revolving around a cultural, economic or social attribute that defines them or to which they identify themselves with. The community economy aims at providing communities with tools and strategies, in the form of utilities, that will make them economically sustainable and to promote equitable interactions among them.” Defines author Arnaud Segla.

Anthology brings a revival in literary composition from the observations of a witness of our era who looks at the challenges of maintaining ethnic pride despite immigration conditions that are sometimes restrictive. In a world where religion has become taboo, it features both spiritual aspects and social role issues that confront some of the orthodoxy comfort.

More than 15 years of migration and maturation life are recorded in the flagship collection Le Cri de la Calebasse consisting of four books. The author uses the universal language of Love, Humour, Wisdom and Hope to constitute a legacy for future generations and provide sound arguments for or against the new rise of the black civilization throughout the world. These books written in a timeless language remain easy to read and accessible to all.

To download current work:

About the Author:
Arnaud Segla M.Sc., M.Sc. Admin. CAPM. It is a Manager and Coach Consultant in Social, Ethnic, Informal and Digital Entrepreneurship. He coordinates and leads learning activities and helps several entrepreneurs achieve their business project objectives. Since 2009, Segla has been providing consulting services for ethnic and informal entrepreneurship projects as part of the economic and identity development of migrant workers. He welcomes all those of good will who can assist in realizing The Wisemen Council’s vision.

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Source: The Wisemen Council
Contact: Arnaud Segla
Benchmarks on the work:

With the kind contribution of Traduction AS


The concept of Gonzo was developed by Hunter S. Thompson and applied to journalism including with the characteristic of first-person writing and subjectivity. It would also mean in Italian “silly, credulous, fooled”. It is also to this day a style of pornography, a character of the MuppetShow and a Japanese animation studio. (Source Wikipedia)

In our case we use it in several declensions of a family of hashtags relating to the dimensions of the project of The Wisemen Council (The Ka Method). “Gonzo” for us means “the pleasure of living simply” and indicates that a migrant for economic reasons intra and interstate (People of endeavour and the Soul wonderer) must enjoy a Life both authentic and spiritual to fulfill themselves humanly and materially from which lies its importance … For God.


Eco Animism: The Economy Through Animism and Spirituality?

Eco animism or animist economy aims to use the attitude and animist thought and its relationship to the world (in respect of nature, mankind, interactions between cosmic forces) to guide economic choices and managerial methods. The practice of rites and cults is left to the discretion of individuals. This sentence has its importance.

The Ka method is part of this new vision of the business world. It consists in giving a soul to one’s company and personifying it while creating the necessary conditions for its development and fulfillment. The economic agent is identified with its believing individual character. The purpose of this method is to establish the necessary performance for the acquisition of simple wealth; that is, the goods necessary for the unimpeded development of the spirit. It is an objective that can be individualistic or applicable to a group but its implementation remains informal and empirical. The agile development and the lean management are, nonetheless, relevant tools to accompany the development of the reference system or body of knowledge. This current line of thinking has a principal axiom: “the believer’s responsibility is to be fulfilled spiritually and materially”. This implies: “to free oneself from material constraints in order to promote spiritual fulfillment”. This is not an asceticism but a search for a simple wealth that respects a set of informal principles. Material constraints consist, for example, of precariousness, over-indebtedness, overconsumption, difficult access to a decent retirement or the powerlessness to constitute a transferable asset…

It is important to specify in what context animism is used here in a current of economic mind frame. Several oppositions can indeed emerge against a form of traditional religious practice that opposes the dogmas of the main monotheistic religions that influence the world. Nevertheless, it is not a matter of developing a business wisdom but an economic mind frame with its tools, methods and applications that respect the basic sensitivities of certain people.

The uniqueness of God is never called into question in the development of this line of thought. Polytheism differs from animism. It seems to many that polytheism is an involution of monotheism and that certain characters appear at a given moment in history to give a clear reminder of the original conception of the God as Creator, among others, his unicity, his omnipotence and his omniscience.

According to J. C. Froelich in his book “Animisms, the Pagan Religions of West Africa” published by Editions de l’Orante, polytheism differs from the Animism (recall it). The latter can often be seen as monotheism with polymorphic representation. Secondary Gods mediate between men and the great God. To worship God by recognizing the other gods gives rise to what is called “henotheism” by specialists in the field. The God, often the ancestor monitor is linked to the contemporary individual within a group by a long chain. The pantheons thus created are specific to each people including a creator God and often a civilizing hero, or monitor, deified ancestor of men. These secondary gods, forces of nature, invisible geniuses and other creatures, first occupants and master of the land where ancestors are subordinate to the creator.

God creates the soul of the world and the vital force that resides in each element. The lower gods follow as a faithful administration. The vital force is changed by the beings through mankind sacrifices and words. Present since the dawn of time, the vital force allows mankind by respect of the prescriptions to preserve and increase it within the community. The god creator is the first cause and a center emitting original force that feeds a circuit of energy which, starting from him, animates everything and comes back to him. Without being a magician or a sorcerer, we believe that the economy can also displace this force and make use of it. In order to empower people of animist traditions that are often in developing phase (if we can allow this cliché) to take an active part in the globalized economy, it is better in our idea to build the tools, methods and theories that are useful in bringing it to fruition. This is a major challenge for this people or a utopia depending on their belief.

To better understand JC Froelich who opened this presentation to this science in the absence of a contact, to this day, with a traditional and initiatory lineage, the word “animism” defined by the belief in the existence of an immaterial principle of a “soul” residing in beings and all things, visible and invisible. Whether it be for the religions of paganism of primordial cultures or a cosmic vision of the presence of an “elemental consciousness” in the smallest particles of matter, the harmony seems to remain between cultural traditions and living revelation of monotheism.

Going from this explanation in the deeper sense of animism in the usage that it is proposed to do, the economic world ceases to be what we were taught and other perspectives can be open to us without real initiative and in an informal fashion. This new line of thinking among many others can be done wrong or can be above others or stay in between two frontiers: economy and spirituality.

In the conception and learning received, we are expecting to know the laws of the market which guide the liberal world trade or not and, who, the states have a perpetual interaction to create the slightest material richness (GDP, Inc etc.) and to impose international smuggling and to affirm their sovereignty. The secular and refuge currencies such as gold and silver or barter in a local economy are no longer accessible for most peoples attached to their traditions and the passage through a stock exchange listing that is quasi mandatory. It is therefore with the currencies of each region that the methods of commerce for the potential actors interested in taking part. A contemporary adaptation that makes its way in the routine of life of an entire continent and its people sharing the same realities. The habit of adaptation.

The new attitude would be to no longer fear the idea of an economic affirmation and the challenges of advancing states, peoples and civilizations in place of an unrelenting expectation of external aid and to bathe in a resignation and to thus constitute a great inertia. Take charge of its development, its sovereignty and its affirmation; no doubt a matter of pride. United voices from the diaspora and the continent not only African but a continent at the edge of the third or even the fourth world can now contribute to building an alternative to economic currents implacable content that are imposed without the apprehension of its subtleties by the target people because of a lack of realism (of independence?) or by insufficient access to the education systems that are supposed to present these subjects. A gap often separates the leaders and the administrates, elites and popular layers, interests and impotence. It is a long-term adventure for which we must build an empirical science reinforced by the results of specialist work. The contribution of any connoisseur is welcome and examples of large-scale realization such as Wikipedia shows the power of internet interconnection and mutual control. What does it cost to try? Nothing but the comfort of having tried nothing to take away from our own initiatives future generations the heavy toll of the errors of history. Create a synergy between knowledge and a push towards unity. Could this be cleansing economic karma? What do I know? We have to learn from other cultures and to improve ourselves. The initiatives are not waiting on the course of our civilization but do we have the patience to seize them and carry them out?

Africa is home to simple practices that fuel the day-to-day life of informal commerce or traditional societies and life groups. Many peoples have their tradition in trade, agriculture, livestock farming or fishing associated with a subsoil and natural resources still exploitable in a fair way, sustainable and ecological that must be able to fuel a transition to a tertiary sector and thus be a competitive advantage among many of those potential of the Black continent. From Tripoli to Johannesburg via Luanda or Addis Ababa, the inventory and analysis of our domestic practices would be an excellent starting point to take advantage of a cultural wealth and adhere to the good economic thought to create wealth just by our joint efforts.

Dynamic Strategy and Lean Intention

Africa today has one billion people. The growth rate of many countries remains high or is improving to a point where it attracts many investors. The population is young and has more and more access to education and information. The threshold paradox of poverty which is currently rampant due to the long tradition of inequality divided within the distribution of the outcomes of countries’ economies which shows the impact of the political priorities on global strategies on development and change. Despite these contrasting indicators, Africa remains a region where the business potential is invaluable both by the quality and the number of initiatives to seize.

The continent has longed been finger pointed because of the lack of rigorous management notably the number of fund detours and other abuse. However, the continent is experiencing a new guided renaissance by a generation of people which the reality and the competencies offer the possibility for improvement and the reduction of waste in the political, economical and social structure.

Several tools from learning beyond limits can be revealed for the implementation of strategies of affirmation as it seems that in a liberalized market, the development is not enough. We have to be efficient, effective and competitive no matter its resources and capital. Among its tools, low cost companies and crowdfunding (financing realized by a number of small investors who are participative actors) adapted and associated to domestic practices which can give birth to hybrid and competitive entities. Being open minded is more than recommended. Here again, rather than planned development, the agile philosophie used by ‘dynamic strategies’, to create the useful applications for the African renaissance. Remember, the statement goes further than the simple catch-up of underdevelopment. We have to define also or to highlight the ‘Lean intention’ that should accompany any company that is part of the nascent movement that must be printed in the minds of the new players on the continent. The effort of change and affirmation is substantial out of conditioning of dependence and condescension that have long been an obstacle to the natural growth of a rich civilization.

The first mechanism that can be leveraged is the formation of low-cost companies that respects our economic level. After the splendor of national companies of the post-independence era of the formerly colonized countries, it is time for the simplicity and the efficiency of the structures which are concerned with the profitability for a large mass of individuals in place of the interests barely veiled of a wealthy minority. Financed by popular and community savings under the crowdfunding model, they find a fresh source of useful capital where assets can be converted into tangible ownings for investors or in the form of loans repayable at the end of a cycle of economic initiative (by project or other) to create wealth. It is not a retirement savings but a regular investment in an economic initiative. Alternative to the direct bank credit reserved for elaborate projects and the micro credit at high interest rate, this common investment fund united by popular savings can be put directly at the disposal to entrepreneurs also gathered in community for a use of having right proportional to the participatory amount subscribed on the model this time of the “tontine”, commonly practiced on the continent. The asset capital of these popular savings funds, based on safe stocks (real estate, business share of the classical economy, metal prices, etc.) collected by integrated communities, can also be used as classical bank loans which depending on the projects are cyclical (as a function of the projects) to members of the entrepreneurial community with banks, and this leverage could help to give life to an ethical credit system where interest would not be inevitably practiced and the entrepreneurs would be responsible for their loans. The investor community acting as guarantors and not co-borrower with banking institutions. These new low cost African companies founded by poor assets or assets that are poor (depending) owned by small carriers in crowdfunding financing via reliable and honest operators defined within the framework of new economic structures would serve as an example for others structures around the world to replace publicly traded pension funds that are the source of many crises. This tangible investment is the investment of a community that constitutes a common heritage: assets for all.

The agile development of software or innovative products requires a necessary exit from the traditional framework of thought, a synergy between the actors and the mastery of a process based on several iterations and increments. Without changing the word, but from a socio-economic optic, the continent’s agile development could go through these parameters and trace new and unknown stages in the planning and predictions of the major financial institutions, the World Bank and the IMF. Agility in state management would allow for more flexibility in the allocation of resources to create wealth more effectively by selecting a portfolio of economic initiatives and then sharing revenue from these resources equitably to develop infrastructure (road network, energy, water etc.) and improve society (health, education, poverty). The political leader becomes the leader of a large company that wishes to release, in an efficient and enlightened manner, a product maximized each fiscal year. The point is to keep in mind the perpetual adaptation to the changing environments of the economy, the contexts of human consciousness and an evolving internal reference guide baptized at this level of evolution of “lean intention” or simple faith (in the sense of a simple attitude).

The “Lean intention” is the simple fact, lean intention, or fat-free intention of systematic, systemic thinking and theories and practices to produce quality. It is a pragmatism and an effective self-realization driven to a high level of accomplishment. It is a mix of truth of the ground (adaptation), lived experience (competence) and preparation for the unknown (contingency). A continuous conciliation of multiple spatial dimensions (length, width, height), temporal (past, future, present) human (body, mind, soul) and spiritual (haqq, sharia, taslim) combined. The lean intention is to get rid of its comforts of design and conditioned automatism to be able to react at all times to the environment (economic) while respecting one’s deep conviction (destiny of the company or even the country). It’s an agile vision of lean and a lean application of agility.

As we can see, the new challenges posed by the economy to the regions of the world and especially Africa call for a constant adaptation of tools, methods and know-how for a greater resonance with the evolution of consciousness and even more of the Creation.

Definition of the Ka Method

The Ka Method is an informal alternative to the management of entrepreneurial projects through the structuring in composite administrative and economic units of revenue acquisition for the frequenting of the community. These units are called Ka. It uses the realism of intention vis-a-vis time through Lean, informal learning of the financial environment, and through the agility and adaptation to the market through Strategy. All of these contribute to enrich the results of intercultural management.

*The community economy maintains exchanges with the market economy through quality (zone of moderation)

Africa: Efforts in Attitude as Economic Prayers

It is not easy to exit marked paths of the economy and to bring to it a complementary spiritual reality in accordance with certain peoples living through faith and the informal. The circle of entrepreneurs are a lot more inclined to secularism that veils the differences. We believe that the positions taken towards a real spiritual tolerance on the grounds of business exercise are a distraction as they exit the comfort of established norms but we must however recognize that there is a well-founded aspect and need of this new attitude. What is appreciative is that this offers a unique alternative to the continent and its diaspora. A hope to see it one day affirm itself in the face of the power of large economic leading nation and their institutional dictates. Faith and the informal are the major human assets of the continent but we must discipline them to make good usage of them, to gain profit from their potential. It is precisely there, to affirm with intrinsic characteristics, on the global market.

We have been created with a natural propensity to faith. It inhabits us and we live it. It must have nobody but God as its unique recipient. But in what do we invest ourselves through this gift? For which cult, which idols to we make use of? This type of argument remains a thorn for economic sciences and management.

We must transcend our habits and rituals, and our cults and traditional rites, and put them in the service of the economy. We pass the light of our time to pray for prosperity in our lives and divine protection. We forget too often to associate them with frank and persevering efforts to obtain what we want. The prayer of our era is the daily effort to dominate in our sectors of activity. God needs faithful and performant servants to relay the action of its omnipotent hand in submitted intermediaries. The miracle cannot be a viable mode of construction for a civilization of Black blood and skin. That of the economically oppressed that want to once again be the master of their destiny in harmony with natural laws, cosmic and divine will.

The use of animist science is too often led to idolatry, towards false entities that give an ephemeral goodness and conditions always assorted of an insatiable and unstable counterpart. Those that dedicate this cult must go farther than the crazy simple magic practices for the community. Animist belief is rich and profound. It must permit us to rise again and work for our growth. The only cult that is worth the pain is the one addressed to God, unique in a sincere submission. Animist belief and traditional practices must be transmuted towards a profane referential to help the masses and to leave the esoteric context to only the voluntary insiders. We have a mine of natural growth in us and throughout our culture. It has been often condemned as it has been misunderstood. It is time to give it a last chance to prove to the world its capacity to generate riches in a profane way and without evil spells and obscure practices.

The basic principle is simple: in an analogy between economy and animism, the prayer of the believing economic actor, represented by its efforts, accompanies the ritual sacrifice of its offering, that is the completed project, to obtain from the secondary gods or the genie, what constitutes the client that we link through a contract, liberation in exchange for the useful vital force of the believing economic actor, symbolized by monetary value (money), and to therefore maintain cosmic equilibrium, which represent liberalized exchanges. It is important to make efforts in the community as a prayer of an economic rite.

It is therefore through profane use of our occult sciences for our economic growth. This permits us to have not only a knowledge of our proper theories through the advantage of conceptual proximity, but to also have the opportunity to be able to release the continent and the diaspora of its slump through our own efforts and prayers.

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