Self. Ka Concepts Ka

For a Simple, Homo animus, Eco Animism actor, the focus should be on us and not on other in all what we do. We are like a Source of utilities for the community and not a playful dealer of our resources

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Utilité. Concepts Ka

Apporter une utilité à sa communauté c'est se mettre à son service et non vouloir lui imposer une servitude commerciale par la consommation. Le leadership de l'Éco Animiste s'exerce dans l'aide à l'Ami Simple

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Wealth. Introduction to the Ka Method

Do not be reluctant to generate wealth through entrepreneurship, informal initiative and not just professional practice. Poverty must remain a mindset that allows the soul to accomplish. A strong economy must rely on each of its stakeholders including the informal...

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Symbole. Introduction to the Ka Method

The company has a soul which is the common double of economic actors who founded it. The company has a collective Ka. The Ka must be fed to continue to live. The most appropriate form of the initiative that is supposed to give substance to the Ka is operation through...

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Synergy. Business in the box

The principle of solidarity between entrepreneurs can create a greater impact than the traditional view of competition in the community. Pairing economic structures is an attempt at regulating the imbalances brought about by globalization. With time we will see how to...

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Ethnic. Business in the box

[Business in the Box] targets diaspora members living outside their birth countries particularly those in economically developed countries and native members of these countries wishing to initiate an informal way of doing business. Quebec is, as such, one of the...

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