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Consultant engaged in ethnic entrepreneurship, since 2006 in Montreal, I’m exclusively oriented towards Success with a practical approach adapted to the local and immigrant culture. My experience and my life path allow me to understand the real concerns of my peers economic migrants consisting in a broad workforce (speaking French or English) willing to start  or develop a business of ethnic or intercultural products and services.

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“Making informal economy a quality alternative to the liberal system”

Ethnic entrepreneurship applies to business projects developed by the new immigrants. Also applies to resident entrepreneurs who enrich the offer of local products and services by those of their culture.
Arnaud Segla
Consultant Manager

Dedicated services

Each project is a human adventure and a utility for the community



accompaniment in groups of 5 to build entrepreneurship skills



Capacity building courses in management for business project promoters dealing with critical financial environment.



Implementation of services to meet the specific needs of your business projects



Presentation of different themes around ethnic entrepreneurship

New York

An alternative Method

To create strategic bridges between the people in the informal sector and the ethnic communities in Diasporas

Immigration for economic reasons often sees the career dream in our area of ​​expertise very quickly buried on arrival in the Host Cities due to financial emergencies. We cope with a food job, precarious, temporary or safe employment while waiting for better situation. We also get into the tricks of the System where everything we earn is spent on a plethora of service and product fees. My approach is to urge, on the one hand, better financial management and to honor the life project we are carrying. In addition, define a usefulness towards the populations of the mother lands through initiatives sources of employment within a strategic bridge. In short, for the diaspora, the proposal is to exercise any job and develop an expertise through an individual company and to gradually transfer our time to this project of life as we gain experience. I’m accompanying you in this reappropriation of your life.

My priority is the economic empowerment of women and youth in a critical financial context.

"I value and use an informal approach that focus on concrete outcomes of the work without the long process of a business plan which is specifically dedicated to funding and financing applications"

Arnaud Segla

Let's get in touch and talk about the idea that is important to you!

Committed to ethnic entrepreneurs

Accompany, strengthen and intervene in economic initiatives to bring them to fruition

Starting a Law firm is extremely challenging; Part of setting the wheels in motion is to have an attractive website. Arnaud has been instrumental in taking a computer illiterate like me by the hand and crafting a superb, first class, professional web site; His professionalism and skill is first rate! I recommend him highly for any future projects
Me Saran Madina Cissé LL.L., J.D.

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