Arnaud Segla

Consultant in social, ethnic, informal and numeric entrepreneurship project management

What is ethnic entrepreneurship?

Ethnic entrepreneurship applies to business projects developed by the new immigrants. Also applies to resident entrepreneurs who enrich the offer of local products and services by those of their culture.


Why Arnaud Segla?

Entrepreneur engaged in ethnic entrepreneurship, since 2006 in Montreal, from France and Africa.

Exclusively oriented towards Success with a practical approach adapted to the local and immigrant culture.

His experience and his life path allow him to understand the real concerns of his companions from Africa, France, the West Indies and the Caribbean.


What is the target clientele?

Workforce from any region (speaking French or English) willing to start a business.

Newcomers to immigration countries from Africa, France, the West Indies the Caribbean or returning Diaspora who want to use entrepreneurship to integrate into their host society.

People in immigration countries who want to start or expand a business of ethnic products and services.

Organizations, schools and universities who wish to foster ethnic entrepreneurship.

Businesses in immigration countries who want to achieve multicultural projects.

Companies and organizations that are willing to have within them a resource person for ethnic entrepreneurship



Helping newcomers to immigration countries to launch and develop a local and/or ethnic company (ethnic products and services) with a success-oriented informal* approach adapted to local culture. This through training, coaching and other services for individuals; conferences and seminars for organizations, schools and universities; projects for businesses.

* An approach that focus on concrete outcomes of the work without the long process of a business plan which is specifically dedicated to funding and financing applications.