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Your Body, your home

Your body is your home

When they call you monkey and tell you to go back to your trees

You feel like humankind didn’t belong to their countries

He said, an eye for an eye will make the whole world blind

But before this, they must get enough fear to stop crossing the line

As tears comes to your eyes because they are too many to hit

I welcome your stir and remember to be high above the hate

There is no place to feel entirely son of this earth

Through this life, you’ll be living inside it until your death

So your Body remains your present until you let them cry over it

So respect the sole gift you cannot buy from ones like a meat

From now, no more need to get trouble in the name of wealth

Deeds as you did to Become and stop wasting your life

Awareness is your Way of the Cross for your Freedom

At this moment start living in its senses so you’ll both rest in Innocence

Your body is your own

Extract from « Le Cri de la Calebasse, Arôme antique »


Journey and Project history

2019                                     Launch of the promotion of the largest individual book work on identity and ethnic entrepreneurship using the Share Wiser technique.

2017                                     Provision of the Body of Knowledge in Community Economics on Amazon.

2015 to date                        Writing and publishing a series of books in informal management including the first guide on ethnic entrepreneurship.

2015                                     Creation of the project platform of the body of knowledge in Community Economy

2014                                     Creation of the initiative, the site and the Community Ethnic Entrepreneurs Ethnic on

2012 to date                        Composition (revelation and inspiration), publication and dissemination of the Ka Method Book as an Alternative Informal Economic Model.

2011                                     Writing, printing and first publication of a collection of short stories entitled “Le Point, four seasons to rebuild” published by Grenier.

2010                                     Participation in Kizomba Canada activities and writing of virtual community management posts.

2003 to date                        Drafting and publication of the literary project of the Anthology for the Renewal of Ethnic Attitude commonly called “Anthology of the Endeavour and Soul-wondering”.

2009                                      Creation of the Consulting Firm, Think Tank and of Book Entrepreneurship Business, The Wisemen Council.

2008                                      Participation in the Ontario Quebec Exchange Program (OQEP) newsletter in 2008. “Most Inspirational Newsletter Contributor” Award

2007                                      Creation of the site in replacement of Online storytelling, poetry, quotes, mini essays and reportage.

2006                                      Animation of a first entertainment website around the written expression

2005                                      Project coordination for the association Paris Salsa Event. Participation in the realization of the show “Cast’in Salsa” at Bataclan in Paris (France).

2003                                      Beginning of literary career. Publication of a tale and poems in the newsletter of Charles Perrens Hospital in Bordeaux (France).


Commitment and volunteering

2006-2016                            Member of the Network of Entrepreneurs and African Professionals (REPAF)

2009                                      Member of the Haitian Junior Chamber of Commerce (JCCH)

2011                                      Member of l’Union des Écrivain et Écrivaine du Québec (UNEQ)

2011                                      Member of the African Literary Circle of Montreal (CLAM)

2011                                      Member of Diversité Artistique de Montréal (DAM)

2008                                      Member of the HEC Montréal Network

2009-2012                            Volunteer for Nouvelle Soirée Emergence (NSE) Live Music and Acoustica

2009                                      Volunteer for Chantier d’Afrique (CHAFRIC)

2006-2008                            Volunteer for REPAF

2006-2007                            Member of REVIVRE

2006                                      Volunteer for L’Hirondelle


As One

My eyes are closing

I still can see my People suffering

As they deny our legitimacy as human presence

We, sons of God. We’re fighting for Conscience.

Some of us come over and shine

They pave the way and cross the line

Like small stones on the mile to keep the hope alive

Showing us what we can accomplish when we strive

Then comes the Call…Through Truth and Love, Wisdom and Faith

Inviting the People to walk and struggle together

The road back to our living style, Culture and feeling stronger

Working the World to dominate in our own Kingdom

For the pride more than the simple act of freedom

Rising our fist as the real flag of unity of the whole community

We settle a new era of peace in our Soul and Mind for dignity

Where our uniform will be a sign of respect and honour

My eyes are closing for the last time, on my inner mirror

But I know that my People will rise again…

As One

Extract from « Le Cri de la Calebasse, Oasis à l’orient »

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