Arnaud Segla

Management Consultant for Ethnic Entrepreneurs Ethniques

Arnaud Segla is a Consultant focusing in ethnic entrepreneurship since 2009.

He has developed programs and custom services specifically intended for newcomers and residents of various cultures wishing to engage in business quickly, the right way, and most importantly, keep going.

Arnaud offers very practical training to enable participants to realize their projects within a short time frame. He is also a professional coach and mentors current and future ethnic entrepreneurs.

Arnaud has been an agent of entrepreneurship development and project coordinator with Côte-des-Neiges Black Community Association, for the Ujamaa Initiative for Black Entrepreneurship. Ujamaa in Swahili, one of the popular languages of East Africa, means GATHERING. Culturally sorted, Arnaud was born and raised in Africa, lived for 10 years in France where he undertook studies and worked, and has now been established in Quebec since 2006.

Certified in 2013 in using the GrowthWheel* tool he was able to deepen his analysis and decision making approach to grow any economic structure.

Arnaud Segla is the author of numerous books including the first practical guide on ethnic entrepreneurship, Business in the box, which offers an alternative method to the business plan by using simple but effective strategic thinking on your project.

His second guide, Successful Citizens through Entrepreneurship, describes the typical course of newcomers considering entrepreneurship as a profession upon arrival in the province of Quebec.

Arnaud also wrote articles about awareness and empowerment for better economic development in black communities. This earned him selection as finalist for the Gala Vision et inspiration of Réseau des Entrepreneurs et des Professionnels AfricainsAfrican Business Network (Repaf) de Montréal.

Arnaud has taken a coaching training course with Global 21 Consultancy Training in Montreal with his professional coach Joseph Aoun to refine his approach and develop effective tools.

Arnaud holds a Master’s degree in applied science (MSc) and a Master’s degree in management science (MSc Administration).

Arnaud Segla - Consultant, Manager and Trainer
Cell. : +1 (514) 802-2860

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