Life Pathway

1978. Incarnation.

Birth at the maternity of the lagoon in Cotonou.

(1982. Christianization.)

Catholic baptism at the Mingara Church of Franceville and beginning of primary studies at the École Conventionnée de Franceville.

(1993. Communion.)

First communion at the Church of St Andrew of Libreville and departure for Benin for 1 year of secondary study.

(1995. Confirmation)

Confirmation at the Church St Andrew of Libreville and end of the facility and performance in studies.

2000. Consecration.

First spiritual quest at the ceremony of “Presentation of Jesus in the Temple” at the Benedictine Abbey of Belloc.

2003. Specialization.

Passage of studies in aeronautical engineering to management (administration and projects) to be a business engineer.

2006. Immigration.

Departure from France for Canada for professional reasons.

2009. Illumination.

Abandonment of career in project management for Consultation with The Wisemen Council.

(2011. Profession.)

Profession of faith in Islam at the Soufi Naqshbandi Center in Montreal and beginning of Author career with the publication of my first printed book.

2012. Revelation.

Beginning of the advisor career for entrepreneurs and the composition of my literary and management work: Book of the Method Ka (66 books).

2015. Position.

Beginning of the career in international cooperation in Africa and publication of the first guide in ethnic entrepreneurship.

(2016. Activation.)

Fa ceremonies at Chandelier de la Paix Center and launch of the Academy in management of projects of ethnic entrepreneurship, The Lean Intention Academy, within the body of knowledge in Community Economy.

2018. Onction and Vocation.

Allegiance to the Naqshbandi Sufi Way (Rûmi and Sultan Shaykh Nazim Al Haqqani) and Alliance to the Tidjani Sufi Way, and resuming of the project management (strategy) and business engineering (entrepreneurship) Consulting career.

(2019. Fondation and Revolution.)

Launch of the Odyssea of the Black Kingdom.