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Get Confidence ! Don’t be afraid to rebuild our Sovereignty by reclaiming income security, satisfying profile, feeling of contentment and contentment of feelings.

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Implementation of work to meet the specific needs of your business projects


(Re)Structuring of business projects operating in a critical financial environment.


Sharing and Exchanging about the Vision of the Advent of Economy as Religion and Ecology as Spirituaality.


Coaching in groups of 5 for capacity building in management


Presentation around different socioeconomic and ethnocultural themes.

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Aim for business success

Immigration for economic reasons often sees the career dream in our area of ​​expertise very quickly buried on arrival in the Host Cities due to financial emergencies. We cope with a food job, precarious, temporary or safe employment while waiting for better situation. We also get into the tricks of the System where everything we earn is spent on a plethora of service and product fees. My approach is to urge, on the one hand, better financial management and to honor the life project we are carrying. In addition, define a usefulness towards the populations of the mother lands through initiatives sources of employment within a strategic bridge

In short, for the diaspora, the proposal is to exercise any job and develop an expertise through an individual company and to gradually transfer our time to this project of life as we gain experience. I’m accompanying you in this reappropriation of your life.

My priority is the economic empowerment of women and youth in a critical financial context.

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The idea of writing an overview of the challenges within the Montreal ethnic entrepreneur community was given by my former director to assess the need for new services and initiatives. Instead of making an inventory of specific needs from my day to day work experience with the Black entrepreneurs I created a general picture of the main realities within the ethnic community in the Cities of Western countries where we live as Diaspora…


Whether we are the apprentice, an ambulant vendor, in the market or on a proximity display, we are nourished with the same intention to earn what we need to afford a meal, the maintenance of an individual, a couple or of a family. Everything begins with the need of household income that lead to informal entrepreneurship. At the favor of historic influences and heritages, external economic models were imposed to Africa and in numerous third world countries…

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After the advent of globalization, migration for economic reasons between and within states has multiplied reinforcing the phenomena of ethnic and informal entrepreneurship. This has raised the question of the installation, integration and success of and success of these numerous adventurers in search of El Dorado. We believe that entrepreneurship is a solution to reappropriate the economic power of the working class through the creation of wealth and value, which is why we focus on training and administrative support…

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Rebuild together

Consultant engaged in ethnic entrepreneurship, since 2006 in Montreal, I’m exclusively oriented towards Success with a practical approach adapted to the local and immigrant culture. My experience and my life path allow me to understand the real concerns of my peers economic migrants consisting in a broad workforce (speaking French or English) willing to start  or develop a business of ethnic or intercultural products and services.

“Making informal economy a quality alternative to the liberal system”

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Self-coaching group tutoring

The courses are designed for peers entrepreneurs and entrepreneur trainer and allow you to acquire the best approach to create, launch and manage the first 6 months of ethnic business. The tutoring program comes in support to detail certain points and make the follow up with the entrepreneur to implement what they learned during training. 

Course 1: Create an ethnic business in 40 hours.


  • Understand what ethnic entrepreneurship is
  • To structure your project in order to start on the right foot and earn market ground.
  • Acquire a simple but effective approach to structure your project in 40 hours.
  • Acquire the tools to get a business started quickly with few resources.
  • Search for relevant resources to develop your project.

Course 2: Preparing the launch of your ethnic project after the creation of your company.


  • Identify the steps necessary to the launching of your ethnic business.
  • Develop a Marketing program for the launch of your business venture.
  • Develop an action plan.
  • Successful launch.

Course 3: Managing the first 6 months after the launch of your ethnic business.


  • Understand the importance of the first 6 months and increase your chances of success.
  • Implement internal and external promotion tools
  • Know how to adjust to the reality on the spot.

Course 4: Succeed in your economic integration through the informal way.


  • Get introduced to the informal way.
  • Awaken and strengthen your skills in informal entrepreneurship.
  • Learn how to write business plans for informal entrepreneurship.
  • Learn how to take advantage of an informal coaching.
  • Acquire Knowledge of resource optimization and performance to be more successful and sustainable.

Course 5: Promote a Business and Community oriented Project


  • Awareness of a intercultural business project context, Intention and Vision.
  • Understand what is the Community Economy.
  • Become familiar with the Ka Method project structure to be active quickly.
  • Discover and apply the 4 foundations of Web Based Intercultural Business projects.
  • Introduction to a simple Attitude to produce Quality and be competitive with respect to Time.


Listening to the Author Arnaud Ahmed Segla (Mostly in French)

Testimonials and Media

“Starting a Law firm is extremely challenging; Part of setting the wheels in motion is to have an attractive website. Arnaud has been instrumental in taking a computer illiterate like me by the hand and crafting  a superb, first class, professional web site; His professionalism and skill is first rate! I recommend him highly for any future projects.”


“Working with The Wisemen Council has been an excellent experience all around.   Arnaud was extremely knowledgeable and very respondent to questions.   He took our unique situation and crafted an effective, thoughtful planning proposal.  We are looking forward to using and implementing successfully what we learned.”


“As one of our consultant, Arnaud Segla was in charge of project management components in our business initiative. He provided content support to our client deliveries and initiated a process to monitor our projects in the alignment of our strategy. He remain active to give his contribution to our developement and new projects.”


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