It is easy to joke with the disagreements of the Revelation and of speculations.  We cannot reduce ourselves so much to the idea of illegitimately investing in its belief in the redemption of a people through inadequate theories. The subject can upset us but we must decide and make a clear and limpid idea that can reinforce faith and call to adhesion. Tolerance and truth must take precedence. It is a simple opening exercise of spirit and it is set in motion by the force of action of a continent.

This form of economy linked to spirituality seems out of place to be displayed in cities but it is the cement of societal success in countries in the process of emergence and affirmation.  The faith of believers does not have any compelling indicators to put in the bulletin board to evaluate the economic performance of states. However, it resembles the useful motor of new economies that will choose to redefine their perspectives and to reposition themselves with regards to the classic economy.

In the embassies of cities, a lot of entrepreneurs of the continent come begging for the right to spend their money in the time of a short professional stay and to help turn the numbers of business tourism. Given that they pay dearly by getting up early to take their spot in line in the service of visas, in line in the service of the powerful nation that do not waste themselves to enumerate a list of restrictive documents. Liberalisation goes in one direction and few states have the courage to impose reciprocity as long as their economy needs the presence of investors on their soil. Whether they are like at home or even more: that the states themselves do not feel like they are at home anymore.

The Index of Human Development, Gross Domestic Product and several other indicators have long been taken into account to rank global economies. Faith and its link to tradition do not reflect themselves. However, a people that recognizes itself in its culture and traditions do not need to be under the influence or domination of other civilizations. This cultural satisfaction is to be maintained and its degradation shows the evil identity of the aforementioned people being extended as long as the people mutually influence themselves.  However, the degree of borrowing to other cultures seems weak when the feeling of national pride and cultural belonging is profound and sincere. An index of eco-human consistency, to be defined, can show the respect of the human with regards to earth. This would also indicate the effective endogenous sovereignty of the people and not their economic dependency due to different historical conditions. The impact of this index on the economy will be to not link economic success to the simple production of goods and services but also to the maintenance of cultural and traditional identities, the preservation of nature (ecology and biodiversity) and of human heritage, as well as the efforts for the development of durable solutions in the creation of riches.  One such ranking would upset a little bit the well-established pyramid by placing « emerging » countries and countries in affirmation in the lead peloton of the preservation of human and terrestrial heritage.

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