Kizomba Canada

I saw your spirit flowing down the street of Luanda

The beloved ones running the day to feel their real life

The Soul of your fellows was still playing in my dreams

Canada is my name and you said Kizomba is yours


My eyes raised as the beat of your heart pulse my blood

The spell of your fragrance took over my thirsty mind

My lips tried again to say your name coming from Africa

You simply invited me to a dance, the new dance of love


I chased your steps, you offered your secret essence

Our hips were kissing and my head leaning on your hair

My arm in your back was leading the breath to trance

You seduced me without a word and I made a decisao


Your body is now mine moving from prakata to taraxa

Love is streaming all over the floor near Saint-Laurent

A team is setting the space that you deserve to rock

Our joined hands will call the future: Kizomba Canada

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