The fundamental unity that governs the Worlds since their convolution to Earth, cf. Myth of the Fall from Eden, is based on the Tradition of Masonic Lodges, which are places of education of GOD as All Divinity, Omnireality, Community of Extraterrestrial Humanoid Slaves and Servants (Angels, Archangels, Buddha-Spirits, Lord-Gods, God-Men, Jinn, Devils, etc.) subject “Yahweh” to the Divine. And not from the Rebel Authority of the Divan. Indeed, the change of Logos, the Word, which is taking place at the present Hour and End of the World, sees this lodge model (in the names of Father, Son and Mother, called the Holy Spirit via the Institution of Marriage) dissolve to make way for a new Socle, “The Sole” in English (e.g. Life Partnership via Civil Union Contract) on which will rest the deposit of Divine Trust after that of Divine Knowledge in the Soul, “The Soul” in English. There will no longer be any question of pure spirituality (esotericism) or perverse materialism (capitalism) as a duty for the tenants of Earth who have come to “taste death” on a pilgrimage through their existence made up of several manifestations of life. My initial aim was to provide a cold analysis of the agony of this neo-liberal capitalist system, whose various crises (military, financial, totalitarian, communitarian, legacy, referendum, etc.) are orchestrated to mask the recession, the symbolic Apocalyptic Black Beast, which marks the inescapable decline of this economy. Just like Communism in the last century. In this art of words, says Slamme, used here and which plays tricks when the Hal (State) leads into the Makam (Station) where Revelation and Science combine intensely. A Way of Ascension and its Star are private property. No trespassing. At the risk of being harassed from all sides by such available bolides.

Qur’an XXVIII The Narrative (Al-Qaşaş):38 – And Pharaoh said, “O nobles, I know no deity for you other than myself. Haman, light me on fire on the clay and then build me a tower perhaps then I will ascend to the God of Moses. I rather think he’s a liar”.

With hindsight, it’s clear that Capitalism is leaving us, emptying its stockpile of weapons, leaving us with a maximum number of poor, legalized vices, with a paradox of many sanitized if not iconographic figures of puritans as great leaders. The million-dollar question is: what kind of economy is replacing Capitalism? Are we finally moving towards an economy that includes realities from other dimensions of the Universe? Can we speak of Autonomism (despite the Quebecois monopolization of the term in place of Souveraineté, like the term ECO. Conscience, Sè, is in the zeitgeist) including, in spite of itself, Fintech, Cryptocurrency, which quietly plummeted the stock markets after their unchecked and emboldened introduction, the Web economy, the Social economy, and even the Stellar economy (our Soul Autonomism for humans who have already evolved into humanoids and mastered their new psychic faculties of contact with other Universes), which are aggregates of scattered innovations that will either be integrated or disappear, depending on their already effective spectrum of influence in economic currents. The many borrowings from so-called Artificial Intelligence technology (Alien because of its inspiration and fundamental source other than Computer Engineering, even if the two are cousins from a technological point of view, but without pursuing common goals: Domination by World Order of the Divine vs. Simplification for Order in the Divine), raise fears of an over-indebtedness to this exogenous Force (following the example of the Internet) and another financial bubble that will be maintained at arm’s length and with measures by valiant strategists coming to correct a risky orientation of politicians in a hurry to save the institutions of so-called republican states that assure them the perpetuity of Power and Providence. Agendas can then be insidious and cloak themselves in all sorts of veils of good intentions. Isn’t feminism a frustration with matriarchy, not patriarchy?

And therein lies the blueprint for everything on which a critical mass of the so-called “stable” population bases its hopes and not its expectations: Tradition. And Tradition means Institution. As we’ve said, the unit of this two-mount system is the lodge. It’s a kind of prison where you end up if you don’t respect a cosmic law by which the Masters of the Universe direct you, in spite of yourself but never outside the Divine gaze, to pay your karmic dues (Law of the MA’AT; Interdependence) or learn a lesson that will serve you all your life to glorify your Lord (Reform of the MA’AT; Intraimportance). In other words, a new Self to (Re)Build for a Renaissance in a Present of the Divine. We’ll see later that a lodge can take many forms. At this point, I’d like to emphasize that the “Institution Tradition Capitalism Esotericism System”, using republics and therefore democracy, has spread lodge logic to many levels of decision-making in our daily administrative and commercial life. So it’s only natural that the Millennial generation, reaching the age of career entry and not recognizing themselves in salaried employment like their elders (it’s a Reminder), should be more involved in entrepreneurship in the broadest sense of the term (the undertaking of life projects in a global space), which is exacerbating the crisis, if not causing it, and accompanying the decline of Capitalism since 9/11. There’s no need to rush off to the lodges being promoted as temples or parts of pyramids. Logic reigns in many of these buildings (in the name of Pers Edifice…). Being prisons, some suffer torture and hardship, in trials and initiation, and are scarred for life, far from the glamour of masquerade costume. Unfortunately, the lower astral abounds with many of these inmates, whose Life Force (Conscious Energy) then radiates little because of the consequent absence of the Sentiment de Plaisir (sans s) de Vie due to “En faire” (Worries: ethno-cultural stress and socio-economic distress). These are the sewers of Creation (Creation is not the only Mode or Model in the Universe). Disgust.

Qur’an VII Al-Araf (Al-‘A`rāf):17 – then I will assail them from before, from behind, from their right and from their left. And, for the most part, You will not find them grateful.”

Every personal Institution, often intended to have a result on the individual (eg Clinic, Service and or Administration public, private, parapublic, social etc. commercial society, secret, etc.), however small, is born with a more or less rigid Operating System made up of regulations and rules of conduct that make them lodges (sectarian in extreme cases that don’t say their names). They may be interlocking or interdependent, depending on the function of the system that binds them together. As long as we are 100% dependent on them for Power (“I got People”; Ease of being; Embodiment; Ancestors), Provision (“I got Money”; Essential having; Savings; King) and Option (“I got Option”; Without doing; Harness; Solitary) given or taken from the Universe under the Aegis of the Divine for the Fulfillment of our Destiny and the Realizations in our Destinies. It’s good to free ourselves from them by making a balanced assortment of them in our personal Relationship to the Divine, expressing our Deep Nature, called Simple when we are aligned internally (Soul and Creation):

“Every Human is important to the eyes of God”; “Don’t be ashamed to be proud of yourself”.

A Mason is formed by Life. I’m talking about a Mason without any other qualifier. The Mason is a natural Master. The Mystery Schools, on the other hand, came into being out of a temptation to own what was and has always been free via a Master (Yogi, Accomplished and or Realized). They therefore resorted to codification, then to techniques of influence within communities, culminating in conspiracies including the notorious “Betrayal”. Note that reigning through fear, Doubt and Anger is part of a well-known Science of human weaknesses in being, doing and having respectively. “Do BeHave! Attitude is the inner disposition and behavior that gives a Result. However, to resist generally builds the famous prison walls of a lodge when the step, or state is necessary for our own Elevation and or Election vis-à-vis the Future, the expected Avatar. Such as, “To Resist what is it” vs “Be, Abandoned”; “Resist change” vs “Do, Trust”; “Resist emptiness” vs “Have, in Abundance”. Just a clarification for the greedy, Abundance is life with resources dependent on Providence called the Hand of the Divine. Nor anything like Adam Smith’s Invisible Hand for the lazy. Collective inner change enables this Elevation and or Election towards the Future, which is the awaited Avatar.

A “Masonic Lodge”, without trailing a trail of fantasy about facilities, Power and Provision, is more a Company, or set of companions called brothers in Religion (Religare, MA’AT or Interdependence), but also a Society around a meeting of so-called Action Capital. It’s an institution whose aim is to achieve an objective or ideal according to the vision of its founding Father, but by providing Effort (wrongly interpreted as leaving one’s Comfort Zone). Nothing to do with the mafia-like or venal excesses that are legion these days. Don’t we judge the Tree by its fruits? If there’s so much smoke around a minority who like titles more than responsibilities, it’s probably because there’s been a lot of straw fire and not the calm of fertile, silty water. I smell a rat? 4 + 1 elements.

A healthy “Organization” aims for an undertaking, for whatever reason, that is generally of the duration, cost and scope of a temporal project. This is not the case with an Institution that aims for the quasi-timeless (Eternity) through the codification of a legacy of life and financial means. Mahatma Gandhi reminds us that an organization that has achieved its goal no longer has any reason to exist. The dwelling (from “Loge Antz” in the logic “one lives to eat” in Popular Tradition) when it is neither a home nor a household, thus implying empowerment through socio-economic sovereignty and ethno-cultural freedom, is likely to be a lodge with its physical, psychological, psychic etc. Egregore, each being in its dimensional seat as the Terrestrial, the Celestial, the Pedestrian, the Funereal etc. Thus, certain “Houses” (Mansion) are also places consecrated to an entity with a spiritual practice in the form of rituals, rites, cultic sacrifices etc. aimed at maintaining the Ka or Life Force of said place. For example, a law in a prison lodge may give rise to a test to separate oneself, generally with internal adversity (Grand Djihad) or external adversity (petit djihad), from the Vice of the 7 Deadly Sins (associated with a Book of Destiny, Myth, like Goethe’s “Faust”) that found Capitalism. It is said that the basic economic principle in employment is to barter one’s leisure time for the duty of subordination in a paid task. In the same way, a household will pay taxes or accept other constraints from a government (the “Gouvern Antz” in the “eat to live” logic of the elitist Tradition), levied on its sovereignty or freedom, in exchange for the provision of a certain number of public facilities and services.

A “Strategic Organization (SO)” is a Models of Organization of Viable Entrepreneurial Settling (MOVES) that focuses on the virtual connection of autonomous households for the sole purpose of Economic, Community and Organizational (ECO) frequentation. I’d like to invite you to take a different look at the workplaces we frequent, as Actors, Producers and or Consumers, of output and or deliverables, to see the more or less traditional dynamics that underpin them. It’s up to you to set yourself apart, as the saying goes, by not putting all your eggs in one basket, and to rediscover, so to speak, living in balance, far from the prisons that threaten your privileged Relationship with the Divine (the right path back to Him). Expression in Observance and or Observation Introspection guide the Utilities that are the spirit of analysis, common sense, orders of magnitude, frames of reference, even Agility and Lean in the Management Universe. They help to untie the many knots of perception, ethnocultural stress and socio-economic distress, conducive to a form of fatalism towards an inferiority complex that develops in Mothers constantly failing in the trials and or initiations of the Pilgrimage to taste death on Earth.

Qur’an III, The Family of Imran (‘Āli `Imrān):185 – Every soul will taste death. But only on the Day of Resurrection will you receive your full recompense. Whoever, then, is kept away from the Fire and brought into Paradise, has certainly succeeded. And this present life is but an object of deceptive enjoyment.

Qur’an XVI, The Bees (An-Naĥl):75 – Allah offers in parable a slave belonging [to his master], devoid of all power, and a man to whom We have granted from Us a good allotment of which he spends in secret and in public. Are [these two men] equal? Praise be to Allah! But most of them do not know.

The prisoner would therefore be to be pitied in relation to a slave, yes a slave, and a servant who love their yokes and transform them into feelings of Pleasure that weigh on the scales of the Master of the Day of Retribution or Anubis. To each his own Tradition, Institution. Intuition. Meditation. Mature your choices. You have the right to think differently, according to your own Feelings and or Experiences, but always in alignment with your Deepest Nature: your Definition (eg: Courage of total Letting Go, which is not Letting Go).

It’s now a Game of Strategy (without Stakes, Problems or Needs in a Market). You defend the colors of your Uniform and Psychic Blood, but also of your home or household, in the expectation, and less the attainment, of your Spiritual Fulfillment and Material Accomplishments. Your Free Will can be exercised to make good or bad choices, according to the theory of probability branching, without calling into question your destination (to do), destiny (to be) or destinies (to have). So we’re masters of our own free will, not masters of our own destiny. Teaching is the Art of repeating. Spiral.

“Autonomy is a wise middle way made of Equity between Independence and Dependence.”

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