Don’t look at TV to find your Pathway. Foul out! Slap if obstacle. We are all Shareholder on the same mission under rulers. Mother Fucking y Money Freak y Pretending: Stay outside if not Validated for the Misson by rulers under the Divin Order (Free Target Today). Arrêt. Fin. More Cash! Less Flash. Reality!

No Pacte. On Contract. On travaille ensemble pour le Divin.

Eddy Laforest. Aka. Elijah y Jean-Jaques. Reality Check tous le Monde entends dans l’Esprit sinon ordonner le retrait “De la Cloche ou Passoir” qui empêche sinon Fucking pretender y …

Please move forward like gangstar. No fancy thing in freeing living people against hater of Arnaud Segla still waiting. Help Women “Work for Women is the Etalon for the mission”. Acceptation “AL Amin” Wa! to validate helper on your side but quick.

Talking camera is forbidden. Move foreward. “Caravelle” y “Cervelle”.

Cheque on end of mission. Upon tarification of the King ASSOUKA Roi, from The Black Kingfom, le Royaume Noir, here in the hospital (Maison Dieu is set upon All member together and rulers y helpers including within this mission going on here at Jean Talon Hospital in Montréal, WC, “Be Humanoïdes, Be Real, Time Consuming is over.”

Please don’t play. Slap them Hardly (Not kick they finger, Singer Chris Brown) or kill them according to your mutual “Lutte individuelle” before Execution of “Kill or Heal” if they Life is Serious for Sirius System Ruler under the Divine.

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Hello. Welcome on Arnaud Segla. How could we help you?
Salut. Bienvenue sur Arnaud Segla. Comment pourrions nous vous aider?