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 4 plans adapted to the maturity of your project


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I value and use an informal approach that favors the rapid concretization of the work without necessarily going through the long process of the business plan which is specifically reserved for an application for funding. However, it is still possible to accompany you in the writing of your business plan and in the setting up of your business project or in the complete writing of your business plan after having gathered the information. This is a consulting service.

Plan 1


  • Evaluation

  • Project structuring or restructuring

  • Preparation to positioning or re-positioning

  • Project plan

Plan 2


  • Evaluation

  • Marketing plan

  • Action plan

Plan 3

First 6 months

  • Evaluation

  • implementation of the project plan

  • Action plan monitoring

  • Potential adjustments

Plan 4

In Business

  • Evaluation

  • Diagnostic and Strategy

  • Recommendations


All consulting services are subject to an evaluation, a commercial proposal (estimate) and a contract. The duration of the projects depends on the joint effort of the consultant and the customer and the availability of the latter to provide all the resources necessary for the good work of the consultant. The consultant has an obligation of means based on his skills and experience. The objective is to give you the best chance to succeed in your project. Here is a non exhaustive list of consulting services available to date:

  • Help in business plan writing

  • Business and project documents writing

  • Creation of Websites

  • Evaluation, analysis and support for your project

  • Marketing counselling

  • Business modeling

  • Competitive Intelligence

  • Quality editing of digital documents

  • Project Management

Tailored services available on demand


As part of an E-Licence in project management of entrepreneurship in community economy, I had to set up an informal observatory of the life of migrants for socio-economic reasons which allows me to build both an expertise and a body of knowledge in the field. I am always available to share opinions and advice on the living conditions of Diasporas and populations in the Motherlands.

Themes proposal:

  • Ethnic business: a factor of integration

  • Ethnic business: a weapon in the struggle against discrimination

  • Getting into the adventure of creating an ethnic business despite the different obstacles and fears

  • Create wealth and value through ethnic business

  • Seeking in Ethnic entrepreneurship and informal entrepreneurship a strategic and solidarity way

Themes presented:

  • Successful Citizens through entrepreneurship (2014)

  • Ethnic entrepreneurship: why create wealth and value with your identity (2015)

  • The 5E of Ethnic Entrepreneurship (2017)

Analysis and Papers


Quebec has a chance to develop a unique intercultural model, a model by inclusion, following the example of Ontario and on the fringe of the American multicultural model by liberalization and the French “monocultural” model by assimilation. For this to happen, we must agree to tell each other, share and confront our identity realities in order to build together without accommodation but with understanding.


This book is the continuation of the first collection of articles (“Attitude, Correctness, Simplicity and Moderation”) which was the fruit of the first years of composition within the framework of the Blog Ethnic Entrepreneurs. After the intercultural relations, a strong emphasis was given to the economic and sustainable development in the communities composing the Diaspora Shareholding of the North and the Favela Entrepreneurship of the Source countries of the Southern continents as well as the Intelligentsia of the Central Sultanates.


Each term has its place and its use. Composing a Manual to support an academic training requires specifying from the outset the key terms around which the entire academic content is deployed.
Entrepreneurs are strategists who define and pursue one or more objectives through a project of development (exchange for growth) or communion (sharing through finance) in various fields such as business, politics, religion, military force, culture, etc.

Community Leadership and Economic Action

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We are a Strategic Organization Consulting Firm and a Community Economy Think Tank and we have 3 axes of intervention namely: Consortium Partnership with CSOs and Consulting Firms; Business, Project and Technical Writing Services for SMEs; and (Re)Structuring of Informal and Ethnic VSEs. Our target audience is Peer Homes of, Economic Actors (Commerce and Enterprise) and Community Leaders (Administration and Families), regardless of gender or age, who are deprived of equity in their civil rights.

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