A simple recall

Simon Sinek told us about the Golden Circle (Why, How and What) explaining that people don’t buy What you do but Why you do it, pointing that before you get the success you deserve with the early and late majority you probably have to convince the innovators and the early adopters with the Why.


I want to complement the Golden Circle with the Who and the Where.

Indeed, before you move to the Why, you need to know Who you are truly I mean finding the inner definition guiding your motivation to do business. It comes from the destiny most of the time, and people use spiritual initiation within their life pathway to find their true self and the meaning of their life. For women it is often before they give birth, and men around 42 years old.

The second complement to the Golden Circle is the Where. It is simply the Market or the Ecosystem. Where the entrepreneurs get the business ideas or position themselves. So, It stands for the environment of the business.

I’m not a professional in biology, but if the Golden Circle represent the brain with the Why, How and What, the Who might represent for sure the pineal gland and the Where all the sensors within the living body reading the stimulations from the environment.

The two pathways

There are two ways to walk this extension of the Golden Circle that I call myself the Marketing Target.

If you go from the Where towards the Who, you probably use entrepreneurship to achieve yourself. Which represent the top level of Maslow Pyramid. This is most of the case in formal entrepreneurship of liberal System. People have the money but are looking for the sense of their life. Business is done by identifying a Need in a Market and finding a solution to it. So, the journey is from the Idea to the Positioning.

If you go from the Who towards the Where you probably use entrepreneurship to build or rebuild a heritage. Which represent the basic level of the Maslow Pyramid. This is most of the case in the informal entrepreneurship of the Southern countries. People have the sense of their life but are looking for the money. Business is done by identifying a Gift that you Master and finding a clientele to it. So, the journey is from Ideal to the Practicing.

The two pathways do not lead to the same behaviour.

In the formal economy, the individuals might multiply business projects, through Adaptation and Charisma efforts (meaning Innovation), in order to achieve themselves.

In the informal economy the individuals might multiply business engineering, through Performance and Promotion efforts (meaning Sales), in order to be successful in one main project.

The right Person to the right place

By starting with the Who (your definition), one important thing is to be in alignment with your Why (your objective) first. Then the How, the What and the Where should follow naturally.

If the Golden Circle was a pipeline, the Marketing Target becomes a tunnel when the 5 parameters are aligned.

The alignment helps you to be consistent in all what you do from the Attitude in your personal branding to the choice of financial levers to reach your Results.

That leads to have the right person (Who) to the right place (Where).

Finally, this is one purpose of the Ka Method Which define a new model for business management replacing Mankind in the core of economy.

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