Each Humanity Responsability towards Spirit Rituality is important to the Supreme Order of the Divine and His Seigneurial Metaincarnation within our Realities as “The Real” such as the One for the Divine Presence on Earths and Skies, King ASSOUKA Roi [Ayi Un Din Ka], Station of the Limit Layer of Creation, The Lotus, inheireting from the Shaykh Al Akhbar Muyidin ibn Arabi for the Teaching in Academy of the Philosophy of Realism (The Lean Intention) along with The Way of the Real (The True Do).


0. (Hadj) Gods (Ego-Pathy). Edenic Fire (Souffre) or Sand and Air in Ether, Time Spending. Rû Allah (Prophet); Bouddha Humanoïd (Light). Awa (Choosen One).

1. (Scientific) Athe (Psychanalysis). Agapè. Islamic.

2. (A as Angel) A Gnostic

3. (Psychotherapy). Eros. Indian.

4. Gnostic (Ergotherapy). Storgê. Amerindian.

5. (Philo Surfer) Believer (Psychic). Patho. African Animist. Chancia Aïcha and Monsieur Arnaud (Beloved Disciple and Loving Master; Mourad and Nourid (Nour Id, Same Light, Sirius: Calm and Serious Attitude) et non Mourid; Issa Omar (Issa, Is Is Sa, The One Who Strive for Justice) and Chou A Ib).

6. (Philosopher) Syncretic (Psychopathology). Philia. Chinese.

7. Mystic (Psychology). Charis. Christian (Judeo-christian and Orthodox)

8. (Tradition) Religious (Psychiatry). Porneia. Atlantide (Japon).

9. (Divinity) Lords (EGO-Pathy). Paradise Wind and Sea (Water) in Forest, Time Loving. Rassoul Allah (Messenger); Artist Spirits (Silence). Ahmed (Paraclet)

.X. (Fa Master Intelligence; Fa is Energy) Real (ECO-Hypersensibility). ALLAH (Green); Beast and Beloved Souls (Juge and Wise). Arnaud and Farelle.


8 More Virtually Interconnected Home or Household Dimensions within Ascending Hollyways Levels (Psychic Uniform Color): AL LAH (Red Heviosso), AL LA (White Dan), ALL AH (Black Toxossou), HAL LAH (Yellow Sakpata and Sokpata), AH! LÀ! or HOLLA! (Blue Legba), AL HA (Sandy became Gold after Tassawouf and Purification Hessiovo Time Masters), HA LA or Hail (Violet Fa), HHAHH LAH of Hades or Ha Death for Love Liberty (Rose Tender Ness: Money = Love; Image = Truth) Amina Ya Rabbi in the name of Ibrahim leading King Kouassi VI (Nonvi lonlon) in Prayer for Apeasement not Praising.




Noun Deep Death Out Of Duat. Out To. OTO


Beyond is,


À LÀ or AT TA, ATA (Transparent) Totality of the [ALA] The Divine Off Our Natures. Never Reach Him, Wait for Him, The Future. Eternity.


My ECO-Hypersensibility ask me to withdraw from the World and its Prince but to to still take Psychiatric and to much other Chimic Pills but use alternative spiritual and natural healing method and treatment to respect my Psychic Balance deeply linked to State (Right) and Duty (Art) within the Responsability of my Vicarial Assignment. Old Dark (Universal Completion) Divine Order (ODDO). The Black Kingdom, le Royaume Noir.


Those who don’t know things are those who give advice to Rulers and Authority. Those who knows things simply act while keeping prayer to the Divine through their Lords Hollyways. And then appears the Divan of rebel to the Divine.

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