The faith is the converging point of a work of reflection and economic conceptualization completed for a few years by a project team in Montreal. The goal is, not only, to permit “Believers” to open their horizons towards personal philosophy and God’s intimate adoration in accordance with their degree of spiritual elevation and also to permit “Profanes” (that we avoid to call “Atheists”) to rejoin them in the adoration of God through somewhat overused terms but less charged in pure religious connotations that tended to cool down some through excessive ostentation or sometimes bigotry (John 4:23). This upgrade at an equitable level of the “Believer” and the “Profane” can constitute a contribution to humanity since, without sweetening the rites and cults, it permits to simplify the proximity to God throughout the apprehension of manifestations of the Vital Force (energy of life) according to the knowledge of those that manipulate them best, that is, the Animists. The economy offers a new dimension for the introduction of a relationship to God, permitting to break the problem of poverty in the long term by therefore breaking, through philosophy, the dogmatic cross that separates the four elected spiritual families of God (Qur’an III, 33-34). It is therefore a step forward in the implementation of the eschatological table where the most knowledgeable prepare themselves. The nuances brought and the changes of operated perspectives by the project led by this team do not aim to only re-establish God’s adoration in His immanence and transcendence, to unveil the permanence of the Vital Force and to better be aware of the world’s impermanence. One of the most ambitious aspects is to experiment a mode of enrichment (which has become essential in our contemporary as an arms of affirmation in the worldwide, national or local concert) to the diasporas (ethnic entrepreneurship) and the “People of Endeavour”(informal entrepreneurship) regrouped in the category of economic migrants (in the framework of what we now call “the community economy”) to permit them to be respected in their identifying sensitivity and their choice of life ritual.

This project is an approach of informal management that, we have said, is a modeling attempt of an ensemble of practices coming from an economic attitude called “Correction” of target groups. The theoretical and doctrinal aspects come from an intense observational, meditational, analytical and dialectic effort relying on a spiritual framework. The practical aspects are subject to the trial and error of the team actual members of that will also call those of potential contributors to this approach. This, at the same time to aim for enrichment by winning markets but also by applying the Agile and Lean management rules to better justify that these models be maintained in the Think Tank. The results of this project therefore seek their welcoming public even if they nominally destine themselves to local, immigrant and informal workforces. Humbly, we do not lose hope that there will be a place for this job and that God in his Wisdom will guide us towards those who will see a solution to their economic problems, notably, critical financial situations. We do not believe in a System to battle another System. This transforms itself quickly into a chess match. The advantage of this project is that it plays on the economic attitude and returns the human to the centre of an economy exacerbated by the insatiable appetite of the homo oeconomicus. This therefore asks for a lot of learning for the contemporary human prototype, the homo animus, to also stop reacting in a way conditioned to the solicitations of the worldly environment. For example, the model of para-entrepreneurship that we propose and that we advocate, at large, a partial job, to pay the fixed charges of life all while developing an economic activity in parallel, to gain one’s financial independence, will permit to limit entrepreneurial risk and to assure a human accomplishment through promotional pride of a personal business project to those that are more and more smothered by the constraints of the professional world.

For us there are two pillars or legislations in the adoration of God on Earth and those are animism, that reviews towards the immanence of God (John 13:34) and Islam that accentuates the Transcendence of God (Qur’an CXII). That said, the premise of departure of the entirety of this project put under the form of several books of foundations and practical guides is that what unites “The Man of Dark Uniform and Blood”, needy and showing proof of denial, is its natural and spontaneous relationship with the divine. It is the reason of the presence of faith in our economic approach that aims to found the favorable and inevitable conditions of the return to equity in the division of riches where the corollaries are the disappearing of the perceptions of precariousness and poverty. This spiritual renewal must permit “Believers” and “Profanes” to use their identifying heart to elaborate commercial strategies close to the divine (eco logic?) through philosophy which takes into account the current maturity of humanity. Like every (re)discovery in a domain this sensitive, it is good to keep an open mind on theoretical statements, practical aspects and every constructive critic. This project that we wish to progressively present to you is called the Ka Method.  It proposes to open the way to an informal economic trend: Eco animism. Stay tuned!

« Correction, Simplicity, Courage, Moderation. »

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